Cool Tools: Canvas By Occipital – 3D Structure Scan For iPad

Last week, we featured a brand new tool for measuring objects. This week, we’re highlighting a new app and accessory that will help you take measuring even further.

When you need to measure a whole space, it’s often a time-eating event.

You have to get out the tape measure, check each measurement individually, and record those measurements one-by-one on either paper or (if you’re fancy) an electronic device.

But that might be changing soon.

Enter Canvas By Occipital

Now, Occipital is giving its proprietary 3D scanner a big upgrade on the software side with Canvas, an app for creating 3D models of any space in minutes.

Check it out:

Imagine being able to just scan a space and get at least semi-accurate measurements by just drawing a line from one point on the scan to another.

Now, imagine being able to send that into their service to get an accurate CAD file delivered right to your inbox for you to be able to work with.

This kind of technology in the palm(s) of your hand(s) could seriously cut down on measure and estimate times for your sales guys out in the field.

Heck, it could even cut down time in the office.

The Details

The accessory scanner (a $380 accessory) includes infrared sensors that are able to accurately depict depth. They work together with the iPad’s main camera to provide a full scan of any room or structure.

This allows the CAD files to be full color, too, which is pretty cool.

The application is perfect for things like remodeling, where you can do all of your measurements in a jiff.

It’s also cost-effective because while you might pay upwards of $2,000 to contract out the work, their Scan to CAD feature is available for $29 per room.

Interested In Trying It Out?

You can get Canvas for Occipital free from the App Store now, and potentially on Android and other devices later.

If you’ve tried it before, let us know what you think of it in the comments. Has it helped you measure faster than before, or more efficiently?

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