Hiring new employees can be stressful, especially when you’re time-pressed and in need of immediate help. Out of desperation, the hiring process is often sped up and breezed through in a quick effort to get the help you need as soon as possible.

What’s more stressful than hiring, though, is hiring the wrong person. On average, a bad hire can cost a half years’ salary, says Jeff Weber from Instructure. Establishing a sound hiring process may be the last thing you think you have time for, but if you put the effort in now, you can ensure your company long-term, reliable employees with the right skillset and culture fit. 

With just 4 quick tips, you can start nailing your hiring process and secure the right employee, the first time around:

Strategy is Everything

Before executing any extensive process, it’s important to create a plan to follow. Take a look at your business needs and consider what roles you currently need filled or will need in the future. For each role, jot down the requirements needed for someone to be successful in that position, such as experience, qualifications, etc. 

For each individual role, plan out the number of interviews (phone, in-person, group, etc.), the length of time to keep the job posted, and the strategy for the job descriptions and marketing the role. From there, work backwards from the date you want each role to be full so know exactly when to begin the process and where to start.

roofing software
roofing software

Market Wisely

Become a master of the demographic of people you’re seeking to hire by finding out where they would most likely see your job listing. The type of role you’re hiring can affect where you would market the job listing. 

For example, a front office person might be looking at job postings in a different place than a salesperson or contractor. Facebook ads, social media, a job board site, and LinkedIn are all credible sources to post jobs, as long as they’re relevant spots for the demographic you’re hiring for.

Interview Tips

Rather than asking straightforward yes-or-no questions, ask questions that require the candidate to provide a thoughtful response. Open-ended questions about their experience, examples of their competencies, and how they have handled difficult situations are all effective interview questions.

Make sure when interviewing multiple people to ask the same baseline questions. If you’re asking candidates of the same job posting different questions, you’re going to have a hard time   accurately comparing. While veering off to ask follow-up questions is okay, try to get a baseline of similar questions answered that will give you an idea of their skillset. 

Group interviews are also a great way to evaluate if the candidate is the right fit for your company, other employees, and overall working environment. Before bringing everyone together for a group interview, ensure everyone is aware of the role and the required skillset before so the group is prepared with effective questions. 

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roofing software

Reference Check 

A lot of people can interview well. But can they work well on a team? Do they know how to use  contractor software to communicate? How are their skills, actually?

One way to get a fuller picture of your potential employee is by calling their references. But even then, references are (mostly) pre-prepped and trusted to speak positively on the candidate’s behalf. That being considered, ask each reference about other people that the candidate worked with and grab a couple names. You can call their current company, or reach out to them on LinkedIn. To get an accurate reading, try to hit a solid three references before hiring someone. 

Similar to the interview, ask references questions that require them to tell a story or go into detail. Most references are prepared to say a few vague nice things, but if you dig deeper, you’re more likely to get an accurate look at how that person is as an employee.

Finding the right skillset with the right work ethic and culture fit is a tricky mix to find in someone. By planning out a detailed talent strategy, holding thorough interviews, and seeking out red flags with references, you should have enough material to make an informed hiring decision. 

For more ideas to hone in on your business strategies, check out our YouTube series, Building Business.


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