What Makes Roofing CRM Worth It?

When you own a business, a lot of thought has to go into every spending decision. How much does it cost? What are the benefits? When will I see them?

Essentially, you’re trying to solve the all important question: Is it worth it?

And it’s a good question. When will you see the benefits of, say, roofing CRM software? Especially if you already keep some kind of record of your leads and follow up regularly?

The Benefits of Roofing CRM Software

The pros and cons of any system can vary from person to person, from circumstance to circumstance. However, there are some general benefits that roofing CRM software provides.

For instance, having all of your leads pass through software can help you see exactly what is going on in your sales pipeline and can produce intricate reports. You can see sales, revenue, lead source, and other metrics in order to know how to put your resources to good use.

Paper and pen methods can be sloppy, disorganized, and unproductive. You could lose a lead’s name or phone number, you could forget a call, or you could confuse your estimates. While roofing CRM software can’t magically solve these problems for you, it sure can give you a leg up.

Not only that, but imagine having all your information in one place. Your leads and contacts are saved in the CRM, then you add jobs to them, then tasks, then track time on tasks. You’ve got notes, documents, estimates and invoices, photos, contracts, proposals, and a whole slough of data to manage. When they’re all in the same place, tied together, you’ll never have troubles finding anything again.

And what would a roofing CRM be without complete mobility? With the mobile roofing software, you can be at the job site, on the roof, or on the road and still have access to all your contacts, tasks, documents, etc. It just makes sense.

Is It All Worth It To You?

Now, of course worth has to be weighed on the scale of a benefits-to-cost ratio. What if I told you all of this was only $25 per month? Would that be worth it to you?

How much time could this kind of setup save you? How many headaches could you avoid? How many more leads could you handle, or how many could you prevent from falling through the cracks?

I reckon quite a few, and you wouldn’t be the only one. All of our roofing customers have seen the same great results. Just putting in a solid effort to use the software and find ways to streamline what you already do will put you a head above.

You can try JobNimbus’ roofing CRM software for free for 14 days. I’m sure you’ll find it beneficial to your workflow.

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