If you’ve been using JobNimbus for more than 5 months or you have new hires, refresher training is a must-have to maximize your team’s output.

Onboarding New Hire

Our skilled consultants will help you onboard new hires and show them how to use JobNimbus.

Team Effort

Our expert trainers will conduct a 2-hour, one-on-one refresher training webinar with you and your team on how to maximize everything JobNimbus offers

Next Level

Refresh your knowledge and also learn shortcuts and tricks for you and your team. 

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All JobNimbus Services

Get up to speed faster than ever with in-depth, 1-on-1 training.


We'll help jumpstart your setup and get you up-and-running quickly.


We’ll join you on-site to customize your account and train your team.


Step-by-step guidance from start to finish by a JobNimbus expert trainer.


Train new staff or give your team a refresher on JobNimbus.


Customized solutions, training, integrations, and admin services.

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