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Track your jobs, contacts, and tasks and more in the ultimate hub for roofing businesses.

  • Revive thousands of dollars from leads you lost
  • Spend more time at home…or on vacation
  • Reduce calls to the office from outside reps
  • Collect payments faster

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Track Sales In One Place

JobNimbus and Leap have partnered to bring the best in-home selling tool to the market.

From lead gen to sale to installation, JobNimbus and Leap are changing the game. Manage your entire sales process from a single system with JobNimbus and Leap integration.

Digital Contracting and Estimating Software

Leap powers home services companies to go paperless and cut manual processes. By automating key business functions, you save time and money and supercharge their in-home sales process.

Seamlessly pull in your sales appointments into Leap from JobNimbus, run your entire sales process digitally from one application, and automatically communicate all results and relevant documents back to JobNimbus for production or re-hash in real time. 

Job Photos
Tasks & Appointments

Send Contracts, Proposals, & Reports

Nothing slows sales like lack of communication. Leap enables sales reps to generate digital contracts, add notes and images, and capture e-signatures on-site.

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And Many More Features…


Automate your workflow, set triggers to create tasks and send notifications, let nothing slip through the cracks.


Use the process you’ve already perfected. Customize types, statuses, and more.


No Internet? No problem the mobile app saves your data & work, and syncs them later.

All Your Devices

No matter if you’re in the office or out in the field, JobNimbus goes wherever you go.


Send emails with attachments directly from JobNimbus. Replies appear automatically.


Jot down notes from a call, save an email, or summarize the work you did that day.

Time Tracking

Add time estimates to tasks and track your time worked. Create time log reports.


Get instant notifications on new assignments and tasks that are due today.



Keep customers and insurance adjusters in-the-know, share details with subcontractors.


Build a budget to keep track of your job expenses. Set limits and track sales commissions.


Build your own contracts and proposals, JobNimbus will auto-fill contact & job details.


Get your contracts and agreements signed. Gather signatures right from the mobile app.

This Is Productivity Like You’ve Never Seen Before

JobNimbus and Leap will supercharge your sales team, production, managers, and office.

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