What travel documentation do I need?

All United States citizens must have a Government Issued Passport, valid for at least six months beyond the return date of your trip, in order to travel to Mexico. Your passport must have at least one blank page per stamp. More information for United States citizens can be found HERE.

If you are NOT a United States citizen (are traveling on a non-United States passport), please verify your specific documentation requirements with your country’s consulate before departing. Please note that non-United States citizens may require a visa to enter Mexico and may require at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps.

It is the sole responsibility of the attendee to verify and obtain all necessary documentation requirements when traveling to another country. Many countries require passports to be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected return and may require blank passport pages for entry and exit stamps. Some citizens may be required to obtain a Visa to enter certain countries.

We also recommend packing a photocopy of the picture and signature pages of your passport. If your passport should get lost, the photocopies will make it much easier to get an emergency replacement.

How do I get a passport? (United States Citizens)

Click HERE to learn everything you need to know about how to obtain or renew a United States Passport.

Are arrival and departure transfers included?

Yes, transfers between the airport and the hotel are included for your arrival and departure.

Is airfare included?

No, airfare is not included and is an additional cost.

You can choose to book your own flights for the event, or you can ask for assistance with booking your flights when you register. If receiving assistance, you will be responsible for the cost of air, as well as a $37 ticketing fee (per ticket). Additional ticketing fees may apply after ticketing due to possible schedule changes that require re-issues by our air desk.

What airport should I arrive at and depart from?

Please plan to arrive and depart from the Los Cabos / San José del Cabo International Airport (SJD).

When should I arrive at the Los Cabos Airport?

Please plan to arrive at the Los Cabos / San José del Cabo International Airport (SJD) by 2:00 PM on November 28th.

When should I depart from the Los Cabos Airport?

Please plan to depart the Los Cabos / San José del Cabo International Airport (SJD) AFTER 3:00 PM on December 1, in order to attend the morning meeting.

How do customs procedures work at the Los Cabos Airport?

Upon arrival at the Los Cabos / San José del Cabo International Airport, you will pass through immigration and present the Mexican immigration agent your immigration form (tourist card) and your passport. You will then claim your luggage and proceed through customs to declare any goods. You will press a button on a light resembling a traffic signal. A green light means that your bags will pass through without inspection, a red light means that your bags will be randomly inspected.

Since most commercial airlines no longer hand out immigration forms (tourist cards) on the plane, we highly recommend you fill out your form online before you depart for Mexico as this will help expedite your entry. If you do not fill out your immigration form ahead of time, you will have to wait in line to fill out your form.

All you need is your passport, flight information, address or name of the hotel where you are staying, and a printer to print your Official Entry Tourist Card. When you arrive in Mexico you will need to present your printed tourist card and your passport. The immigration officer will keep the Entry Part of your form and he/she will stamp the Exit Part of the form which you will keep while in Mexico. When you are checking in for your flight back home, you will present the Exit Part of your form along with your passport.

What is the weather like in Los Cabos?

Los Cabos has incredible weather throughout the entire year, making it a great warm-weather vacation destination without the humidity you’ll experience in other regions.

Daily high temperatures are around 80°F, rarely falling below 74°F or exceeding 86°F. Daily low temperatures are around 61°F, rarely falling below 57°F or exceeding 65°F. Annual rainfall is very low, averaging under 10″ per year.

What's included in the Hard Rock's all inclusive package?

  • 5 Star accommodations

  • Casual and à la carte dining

  • Beverages (alcoholic & otherwise)

  • 24 hrs in-room service

  • Land sports

  • Fitness center

  • Pool & beachside service

  • Daily activities

  • Nightly entertainment

  • Free Wi-Fi in-room & resort-wide

  • Unlimited phone calls to the Continental US and Canada

  • Gratuities included

What is the electrical voltage in Mexico?

Electric current throughout Mexico is conformed to 110 volts, 60 cycles. It is the same type used in the United States and Canada. Some electrical outlets at hotels and resorts are still the two-prong type. To get around this and enable you to use a notebook computer with a three-prong electrical cord plug, it is recommended that you take a converter with you.

Can I drink the water?

It is recommended that you do not drink tap water in Mexico. Most locals in Mexico do not drink water from their tap and prefer to drink bottled water. The tap water and ice at most resorts in Mexico is purified, it is recommended that you drink bottled water. Bottled water will be provided in each guest room for your use.

What if I have a special health concern?

If you have any health concerns that may require special attention, please contact us prior to departure. Passengers requiring prescription medications are advised to keep them in their carry-on luggage. While we don’t require information about the extent of your health concern or disability, the more information you can share with us about your specific needs, the better we are able to assist you.