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  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments
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JobNimbus best construction estimate software 2021

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What is the best handyman app?

for handymen…

10 Best Handyman App Features for small business

1 Professional fast estimates, get your bid out with JobNimbus handy app

Get your bid out quickly, accurately and professionally. A digital estimate with all products and labor built in along with a nice place for the customer to digitally sign in the field allow you to 1)win more bids 2) get paid faster. Not only that, the estimates easily convert to an invoice. Next, email the invoice to the customer with payment options and collect payment. Your own business depends on getting more jobs. Customers are more likely to hire skilled professionals. A professional looking estimate can help with how a customer perceives you. It also can help with ROI and cost estimates. Making sure the job is profitable with markup and labor is key. Make sure to sign up for a free trial with this handy app!

2 Keep all of your information in a mobile app for your handyman services

Get real time visibility into all information on the job site. Find the location of your job using the mobile app (works on Iphone and Android). Take and upload photos directly under the customers digital file. Complete checklists and forms so all key information is organized. Check and manage multiple jobs at once. Capture information and search information immediately, putting more time back in your day. Mobile applications help with customer management because you can access contact details at any time. Take your mobile device to home repairs to document your work, make life easier. Make sure to sign up for a free trial! Hassle free application installation.


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3 Optimize job capacity with digital boards

Customers home improvement projects have handyman tasks that need to be taken care of. Some of these home services that customers hire contractors for are drywall repairs, fresh coats of paint, and flooring improvements. A customer can have a variety of odd jobs where they need the right person to do a professional job. This is where new technologies and an app can help a handyman run their business better. So a customer gives you a list of repairs, how do you use technology to tackle the work load? What makes you better than other service providers? Digital boards can help you get visibility on the status of each job and the to do list tied to the job. Handyman software helps organize the entire process end to end.

Digital boards help you get organized which leads to peace of mind. Gain visibility into multiple projects so you can increase efficiency and job capacity. JobNimbus has boards to display leads, production and billing. Drag and drop jobs as they move through different processes. With the right tools managing multiple jobs becomes hassle free.



4 Improve scheduling with custom handyman tasks

Use a digital checklist you create to improve planning and scheduling. Standardize each job type and process and increase accountability. Make sure everything that needs to get done does and nothing gets forgotten. Easily see how much work has been done on each given job. Checklists are key memory aids that help us to be consistent in our work. Having a to do list reduces anxiety. These custom tasks can even be automated so basic home repair tasks auto-populate whenever you have a certain job.

Handyman app reviews… 

Testimonials and reviews using JobNimbus handyman app


“Having all of my business operations available on one platform has been the difference between success and failure this past year. I grew up in a family business and I started doing everything the old school way. In today’s market, you either keep up with the technological advances or you get left behind. I’m incredibly grateful for Job Nimbus and will continue to use them for the life of my business.”

-Adrian Home Grown Roofing and Contractors

Program is great and the support is even better. Steven did a great job on the demo and Ciara is doing great helping me set up the system to do exactly what we need it to do.”

-Chris Rams Solar

“This program helps us stay organized and keeps everything we need in one place while keeping all of our jobs progressing so nothing gets dropped.”

-Kristi Valentine Premier Construction

Every job organized

“Now we have every single job organized, every homeowner is updated every week.”

-Dante Di Ciolli Owner United Home Solutions

Be more efficent

“JobNimbus has allowed us to stay more organized, to be more efficient, not only internally but with our customers.”

-C’hok Andrew Knox Services

Right tool

“Everybody has the tools to do their job properly.”

-Aaron Manning DeVore Capital Construction

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5 Never lose a lead with customer contact info.

Say goodbye to papers. Get contact information organized with all key information in one place. Quickly search for a customer and find their address, phone number and check if they paid their invoice or signed their estimate. Save time finding the right information quickly and having the ability to follow up immediately. Sales reps during door knocking can easily search and capture information such as the exact location of their next lead.

6 Have a digital assistant with automations

Imagine an assistant that sends thank you letters and reminders to customers. Automations will remember to email you to follow up with customers who need yearly or quarterly maintenance. They can help with so much. Get more time to yourself when automations get to the busy work. Many things you do three times can be build into a process…a digital one that saves you time doing the heavy lifting.



What do contractors do on an app for handymen?

1000’s of our contractors use JobNimbus for many different tasks. The number one thing they do is a quick search to locate important information. How much time do you spend searching for information? Where do you keep your customer information? Lastly, how long is it taking you to put together bids or estimates?

If you are spending a lot of time looking for information or using spreadsheets you may want to consider software. Quickly search for an invoice or customer on your phone in the field.

7 Keep it all in one place

A crm or customer relationship software is a one stop shop for your whole business. It’s the brain of all your customers and all the work that has to be done, has happened and is scheduled in the future. It keeps all contact information safe. Also, all financial docs. like invoices and payments. It also shows you exactly where business is at now and what you could do to improve. For example, a lead report can show you which customers need to be called up again. A payments report can show you who needs a collection letter because they have not paid you in 3 months.


8 Get to each job on time with a digital calendar

See where each job is on the calendar for the week. Get scheduled easily so you arrive at the right place and the right time. Each person working on each job has their own color code so everyone is organized. The calendar sync with gmail so everything is connected. Calendar items can be tasks, jobs or work orders that need to be completed.Get to all job sites on time so you are able to do a great job.

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9 Keep photos safely stored under each customer with a handyman app built for handymen

Organize and categorize photos while on the job site. Keep all before and after photos neatly organized. Take photos out in the field and annotate them. Have all photos uploaded under the customers digital file. With the app, it is like a digital file folder for your customer with photos of the home improvement project under the client.


10 Get financial visibility with reporting


Without visibility you can’t see what is working or what isn’t. Reporting helps with projecting revenue, holding your team accountable and getting operational visibility. With reports you can see what is profitable and where to focus on. Some examples of useful reports are, job pipeline, sales pipeline, estimates and markups, payments and reports on team members activity. See what is slowing you down and what is working out pretty well. See your lead source and close rates so you can track which online marketing strategies are running well for your business.

Where are handyman services?

Top three locations

  • New York, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Source: Zippia Logo

What is the best handyman app for iphone and android?

In short, yes there is. JobNimbus is a handyman app for a handyman. There are other applications where customers can search for handymen but JobNimbus is a software that helps handymen be more profitable and efficient. It has many features that allow contractors to grow their business and do more with less time. All resulting in peace of mind and more time with your family!

The software can be used on a computer, Ipad, Iphone or Android device. Everything is kept in one place with an all in one tool. Get key information out in the field and capture key information on the job site and upload it to your customer information.

JobNimbus is a handyman app that can be used to organize your jobs. Information is everywhere and anywhere with real time visibility. Reduce calls to the office when all information is quickly found in the app.

It has the following key features

  • Ability to take photos and organize them under a customer
  • Customer contact information
  • Job information
  • Checklists
  • Estimate templates
  • E-signing for contracts
How does a handyman app work?

If you are not a “computer guy”, you might wonder how software can help your business. Software is built with different features to complete different tasks. JobNimbus is a software that helps you get your work done faster through keeping everything organized in a one stop shop.

Stay on top of your work through:

  1. Keeping all customers in one place. Never lose a lead.
  2. Get estimates signed quickly and accurately. 
  3. Collect money faster through payments tied right to your invoices.
  4. See any bottlenecks through reports.
  5. Optimize processes through boards.

These are just some things that the software does which lead to two key items…

Peace of mind and Increased Revenue

Is there a free handyman app?
JobNimbus offers a two week software trial for FREE! The trial doesn’t require a credit card. You can easily see how the software works. Save time through templates with products, labor and material and supplier integrations. Get more done is less time. Additionally, we offer free consultative calls so we can tailor to your needs.
Is there an app for handyman estimates?

Handymen and contractors need a fast easy way to win a job. A great tool to use is a “CRM”, a CRM will keep all jobs and customers in a one stop shop. An all in one tool like JobNimbus will speed up estimates. 

This is how:

  • Estimates that load live pricing from Beacon materials.
  • Estimates that have labor and material attached to the products and services
  • Syncing with Quickbooks
  • Estimates that can be converted to work orders and invoices
  • Estimate templates that can be used again and gain
  • Estimates that can be signed on site with an e-signature
How do I get more jobs for my handyman business?

Customers want experienced professionals and one key to remember is leaving a positive impression. Customers find handyman service through word of mouth. According to Bplans, buying patterns are mainly based on who your customers know. You can get new business from referrals. One way to keep the referrals coming is through giving an incentive. Offer a discount on home services for a referral. Make sure you have professional business cards for your handyman business with your mobile number.

You also can get your handyman service noticed by sending out professional postcards. These will let people in your area know who you are and what you offer. Some post card companies offer packages that target your customers online along with sending them a post card. This is a great way to get more jobs in your pipeline.

What are the top industries that hire handyman services?

According to zippia the top three industries that hire handyman services are:

  • retail
  • construction
  • professional

These industries may provide more work opportunities for your handyman business.

What is a game changer in handyman service?

With payment options for your customers you can get paid faster and offer more hassle free ways for your customers to get home repairs done. This results in you getting the bid because the best handyman has financing options for his customers. Customers have increased trust. For your handyman service offer payment plans that your customers can pay with their credit card. Get your customers to complete their large projects with confidence.

What is the best handyman app?

JobNimbus is an excellent choice for a handyman app. Business owners enjoy…

  • business operations in one place
  • stay organized
  • communicate faster and easier
  • maximize profitability

Get more jobs done through JobNimbus and be the best handyman in your city.

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In conclusion, put more time back in your day

 Trusted by 1000’s of contractors


  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments

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