4 Ways to Streamline Projects with a Fence App

Have you heard the buzz about the benefits of a fence app but remain unconvinced that it’s for you?

As part of a nearly $30 billion per year global market, fencing professionals need to do everything possible to maximize their piece of that pie. Let’s look at how this tool will benefit all your fence projects.

Introducing Fence Apps

In fence construction, communication and administration require your time and attention. The right fencing tools and a quality fence app can quickly streamline these tasks.

You’ll save time and money for your company, improve work accuracy, and get better customer satisfaction. JobNimbus has an excellent fence-building app that provides multiple benefits:

  • Faster, more accurate estimates
  • Quicker payment collections
  • Photo attachment to project notes
  • Improved team management

Speedy, Simple Estimates

Gain more projects and impress your fence customers with fast, accurate, and detailed estimates. Estimate output is incredibly fast with a fencing app. Not sure how best to make a fence estimate? Check out this walkthrough guide for correctly bidding on a fence job.

Quickly creating professional estimates will make the right impression. Not only will you impress your client, but you’ll solidify your status in the community as a top-notch professional.

Effortless Invoices and Faster Payment Collection

A fence app will also speed up invoicing and payment collection. Look forward to faster payments at the end of your projects. Many fence apps allow you to create digital invoices.

Some of these apps even make it possible for your customers to make a payment directly on the invoice, which takes the hassle out of your collection efforts.

Just think about how much time and relief you’ll have when you don’t need to personally reach out for payment. A simple-to-use app on your phone does it for you!

Snap, Mark, and Share On-the-Job Photos

Photos are an indispensable tool for professional fence installers. With a fence contractor app, you and your crew leaders can:

  • Snap photos
  • Make annotations
  • Attach photos to the project
  • Share photos with the team

Eliminate confusion and on-the-job mistakes with specific, visual communication and clarification.

Photos greatly enhance your client relationships as well because they allow you to highlight potential problems and show before and after images.

Team Management

Shared calendars, annotated photos, and project details in a fence app will keep your teams informed. And every project will benefit from clear communication.

You’ll have project statuses at the touch of a finger, and every crew will know exactly where they should be and what they should be doing that day.

If problems arise, you can get a full view of the situation and instantly contact all relevant parties to handle issues quickly and appropriately.

Comparing Available Fence App Options

Once you understand how beneficial a quality fence app can be, you might be wondering which is the one for your business. Let’s look a bit deeper at a few fencing apps:


JobNimbus provides the #1 fence builder app, giving immediate information about your materials and products. The JobNimbus fence app is the #1 of its kind. You can integrate the other programs you use with JobNimbus to streamline your projects. The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

TRUE Fence

Designed to help fencing contractors create estimates, this app is available on its own or as part of a suite of business programs.

This software operates through a web browser rather than an independent app, and operators need a computer or tablet. You’ll need internet access to use this fence software.


This fencing program allows professionals to create estimates and invoices, collect payments, and manage projects on the go. They offer a paid version called Joist Elite Pro, but it isn’t available on iOS or desktop.

Now that you’ve seen why you need a fence app for your business and a few available options, you can decide if a fence app is right for you.

What do you need from a fence app? Let us know in the comments below.

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