We are happy to announce that you are now able to sync QuickBooks Desktop classes in JobNimbus. We allow class syncing at the contact, job, invoice, and estimate level. After syncing, classes will display on invoices and estimates in JobNimbus. They will also display on invoice and estimate reports in JobNimbus. ‘Class’ is a label that you create in QuickBooks. It is an aspect of job costing. ‘Class’ is a very useful, versatile function in that it allows you to classify expense amounts. You can use classes to track income and expense transactions. You can make a category essentially for anything. Departments, Properties, Construction, Concrete, 1234 Main Street, New York, etc… You can take advantage of this feature in many ways to track expenses. A franchise could take advantage of this by tracking different locations. A general contractor could monitor materials. A property management company could track different properties. A class that is set on a record in QuickBooks Desktop will automatically sync to JobNimbus. You may edit the class if needed. Classes also appear in JobNimbus reports. To find out how to enable classes in QuickBooks Desktop and set up the automation, check out our Knowledge Base article.

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