The best all in one construction crm software tool.

  • Grow revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments

Be more organized
Construction CRM software that…

  • Calculates material and labor on the go
  • Professional estimates
  • Speeds up estimates so you can win more bids!
  • Sales tools like lead pipelines for sales management
  • Work orders and material orders for the guys in the field along with an app
  • Contractor invoice software that loads pricing

No Credit Card Required.

Be more profitable

  • Regains lost jobs when you are organized
  • Get paid because you know who owes you money
  • See who is productive and who is not
  • Better customer retention through quick follow up
  • Keep track of construction projects
  • Document management made easy with digital customer files

No Credit Card Required.

Be more efficient.
App for contractors that…

  • Improve work follow up through tasks
  • Gain visibility using a calendar
  • Access Info everywhere and anywhere with the mobile app

No Credit Card Required.

Get organized with an easy tool

JobNimbus all in one contractor crm is a one stop shop for organizing. Get a strong competitive advantage with a crm software solution. Access your customer information from the job site. Automate repetitive tasks so it takes less time to get more done.

Digital tools streamline the construction industry. Cloud based software makes it easy to see new leads and follow up with a task list.

How to manage a construction project step by step

Nothing is worse than not knowing what’s going on in your business. General contractors who use crm systems have a handle on many parts of the business. A CRM is key for business development because it gets multiple teams, multiple projects all on the same page. It also improves how your customers experience the work. There is more follow through, customers can get alerts on status changes. In JobNimbus, everything from emails to text messages is recorded, so you know where your jobs are and what’s left. As a result, you have peace of mind

Get organized with an easy tool

A CRM for construction management is a game changer for business processes.

Step 1: Get your process dialed in.

Step 2: Translate your process to a software that fits your needs

Step 3: Look at the numbers. Find areas for improvement.

Stay on top of everything with JobNimbus. For instance, nothing slips through the cracks, you’ll sell more jobs, and you’ll collect more payments.

Growth is our specialty

On average, JobNimbus users see…

0 %
Revenue growth
Hours saved per person per week
0 %
More payments collected
The best CRM I have used yet! As a GC for over 25 years I have seen dozens. Job Nimbus incorporates what we want and is affordable to even new start ups. Support is excellent as well.
Kenny Smith

Enhanced with powerful integrations

JobNimbus has been a game changer for our company.
Neighborhood Builders


Less busy work with a digital personal assistant.


Financial visibility, project revenue, hold your team accountable.


Get to the right place at the right time.


Improve scheduling and job accuracy.


Contracts, invoices, estimates, material orders, and work orders.

Photo Archive

Get the right photo on the right job


Optimize processes. Increase job capacity and efficient.


Info everywhere and anywhere. Real time visibility.


Know your customers, never lose a lead.

JobNimbus CRM for construction companies can help with…

  • Visibility into your entire business in real time
  • Assist with project management through digital boards and task lists
  • Insight into your sales funnel
  • Save time using CRM tools like digital estimates
  • Convert more customers through better follow up

Above all, get organized so you can put more time back in the day to be with family.

A CRM is short for customer relationship management. CRM software differs in functionalities but JobNimbus is built specifically for contractors. JobNimbus helps construction companies manage multiple projects easier. What does a CRM for the construction industry do?

  • Organizes the workload
  • Helps team with time management
  • Automates scheduling appointments
  • Visibility into all the moving parts of the business
  • Increases customer confidence and improves customer relationships through ease of follow up

Yes, you don’t have to be a “computer guy” to use a CRM in construction. Some software is complicated and not customizable for your business. JobNimbus has an easy interface and is easy right out of the box (or cloud). Get your sales team, office staff and project managers working with prospective clients. You can DIY it or we have a training team to help you every step of the way. Stay organized with key features like:

  • Task lists for sales teams and production teams out in the field
  • Full visibility into jobs, leads, tasks and invoices
  • Utilize industry partners like Beacon Supplies, Quickbooks and Global Payments

Start off simple, then build out more to make everything streamlined.

Not using software these days is old school. The days of paper are fading away.

  1. Wasted time shuffling papers or losing information. Save hours per employee per week searching information fast.
  2. See where everyone is at in real time. Easily hold the team accountable by identifying bottlenecks.
  3. Collect payments faster through accepting credit cards.
  4. Finance expensive projects through offering customers payment options so you can close more sales.
  5. Automate repetitive processes. Have reminders shoot out automatically reminding home owners of appointments and staff with their to-do lists.

CRM’s or customer relationship management tools help manage an entire book of business from lead to paid and closed. Construction professionals use features in software like:

  • Contact management (find the job and status in a quick search with contact info)
  • Contract management (create custom contracts for e-signing, all organized under the homeowners digital file)
  • Marketing automation (send automatic welcome emails, reminders for payments and appointments, any promotions)
  • Empower sales teams with the sales process with reports and construction management software on site in the field.

In summary, ensure all your customer data is in one location so everyone is on the same page. The sales reps, production team and office staff all have access to their end of the business. Having operational visibility increases quality work and increases customer satisfaction so you can get some solid referrals.

Watch business owners use our app for contractors

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