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JobNimbus - Contractor on iPad with Roofing Software

Construction CRM Software Like Never Before

Everything from sales to estimating to scheduling to work orders. With JobNimbus, you’ll sell more jobs, save time, and grow your construction business.

Just $25 / user / month. *Compare to $70+ for similar solutions.

With powerful integrations
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Take & Upload Your Photos On-Site

Leave that digital camera in the past. With the JobNimbus mobile app, you can capture photos right from the job site. You can rapid fire to take as many shots as you need, and then upload them to your office in one step. Then, you can even attach these photos to your contracts and proposals, share them with subcontractors, or help sell your next job.

Take and Upload Photos to Solar CRM Software
Aerial Roof Measurements by EagleView

Estimates Icon | Construction CRM Software

Build Your Estimates On Mobile

Build your estimates right from the mobile app while you’re out on the job site. Create ‘saved estimates’ from the jobs you normally do and save yourself the hassle. Email your estimates to the client or get them signed on the mobile app.

“This app is going to make me so much money, I wish I had found it years ago.”

Scott Reinke, Randmore Pty Ltd

Calendar Icon

Scheduling Made Easy

Manage the schedules for your team and your subcontractors, with scheduling for tasks, jobs, work orders, and material orders. The shared calendar will show you exactly what you need to see at exactly the right time.

Take and Upload Photos to Solar CRM Software
Aerial Roof Measurements by EagleView

Work Orders | Construction CRM Software

Assign Work Orders

An integral part of construction CRM software is the ability to create work orders and assign them to your crews. In JobNimbus, you can create work orders right from the estimates you’ve already built, and schedule them for your team members or subcontractors.

And much more…

All the tools you need to save time, save money, and grow your business with software no roofing contractor should be without.


Let nothing slip through the cracks. Use automation to create & assign tasks or send notifications for you.


You are the master of your process. With JobNimbus, you don’t need to change it.


Don’t sweat it if you’re not able to get online while at the job site. JobNimbus works offline, too.

All Your Devices

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, PC or Mac, your construction CRM software is everywhere you are.


No construction CRM software would be any good without email. Keep all your emails here.


Sales and job history, day-to-day operations, and more are saved to the job folder.

Time Tracking

Track time spent on the job and run reports to increase efficiency.


Everyone will know exactly what to do and when with notifications.

Job Sharing

Keep your customers in the loop by sharing job photos, documents, notes, and more.


Build a budget and keep track of your construction job expenses. Track commissions for sales.

Template Builder

Contracts, proposals, and presentations can be created and signed right from the mobile app.


Get your documents signed by customers out in the field by only lifting a finger.

One price. No surprises.

Want to see it in action?

See just how well JobNimbus can work for your sales team, production, managers, and office. Check out our demo videos to see for yourself.