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JobNimbus is a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software, all wrapped into one. JobNimbus is the easiest way to manage projects, contacts, and tasks. With detailed reporting and employee management tools, JobNimbus simplifies your work.

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Thanks for providing such a simple, yet powerful CRM and walking us through the entire process of getting up and running. Your entire team is fantastic. Keep it up.

Edward Grubb

Griggs Building & Design Group

Thanks for making some of the changes we talked about – I love that you guys are able to make changes quickly (that’s so rare!). In short, thanks for building a system that’s so fun and easy to use. It’s exciting to see it continue to get better. Please tell your team thank you!

Andy Filer

Berkshire Home Solutions

This is freaking awesome!!!

Stacie Feller

Feller Roofing and Remodeling, LLC

JobNimbus is everywhere you are.

JobNimbus is a mobile CRM. It works on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and everything in between. Never be without it.

The only tool you need.

You don’t have time to spare. JobNimbus does all the work for you. Just add your data and voila.

Easy to use.

Get rid of the confusion.

With JobNimbus, less really is more. We’ve worked hard to make JobNimbus intuitive. We’ll never over- whelm you with a mess of buttons and choices. If you’ve had trouble learning other CRM or Project Management tools, you owe it to yourself to try JobNimbus.

Up in the clouds.

Access your data anytime, anywhere.

Think of the cloud as a secure online place where your data is stored, backed-up, and accessible from anywhere at any time. With JobNimbus, there is no installation or software to maintain, no cost for IT support, no down time or headaches, and updates happen automatically.

Your secure digital vault.

Protected, backed-up, and safe.

JobNimbus is your business’ personal digital safe. Everything is backed up so you never have to worry about accidentally losting data. We protect all your data with ‘bank level’ digital security. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

Organization on a new level.

Do more in less time.

Your growing business gets harder to manage every day. JobNimbus rises to the demands of your expanding business to help scale with you. With fast task management, robust search and a simple user experience, all of your jobs, contacts, and tasks are right at your fingertips.

Mobile access on the go.

Go anywhere, leave nothing behind.

JobNimbus goes with you no matter where you are. With support for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, you can get the information you need on the device of your choice. If you’re in the office or out in the field, JobNimbus is with you.

Collaborate with everyone, everywhere.

Work together to get things done.

With JobNimbus you always know the status of any job, when someone was last contacted, and what your employees are working on. JobNimbus will get communication flowing in your organization. Plus, with document sharing, we turn your paper into digital information.

Lightning fast performance.

Speedy, always ready, and reliable.

Get up to speed with the fastest CRM on the block. No more clicking and waiting endlessly for pages to load. JobNimbus uses the latest web technologies to deliver an unparalleled user experience of speed and reliability.

Want to see it in action?

Pop some popcorn and sit back to see your workflow like you’ve never before. Your office without JobNimbus is like a tube TV, but with JobNimbus it’s a 6-story, laser-projection, digital surround sound, vibration seat, smell-o-vision from the future.