September 2021 Product Updates

New Automations

We’ve been hard at work upgrading JobNimbus automations and want to help you save more time and grow your business.

Check out our picks for the top 7 automations you should be using now. We’ve also added automations for Invoices, Estimates, and other time-saving tasks.

See our comprehensive guide for all the automations we offer.

Old Boards

In the first week of October, all JobNimbus users will be

 automatically upgraded to the new and tested boards experience! With the updated boards, you now h

ave access to:

  • List Totals: Save time and improve profitability with estimate total and invoice total
  • Customizable Cards: Get immediate visibility of what is most important to you without having to click into contact or job
  • Quick filters: Be more efficient by filtering cards down to the most relevant ones and quickly switching filters to immediately see corresponding cards

Product Feedback

Get early access to help make JobNimbus better!

We’re working on some exciting new features, and we’re HUNGRY for your help in making JobNimbus the best tool imaginable for your business.

  • Want to join our Early Access program for betas on web, iOS, or Android?
  • Interested in being a member of our Customer Advisory Panel?

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