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Solar business management software that…

  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments
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“JobNimbus keeps all of our customers organized at once and makes it easy to create professional email templates.”

-Korinn Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric

Kenny Smith

Owner, Smith Roofing

Be more efficient.

  • Improve work follow up through tasks
  • Gain visibility using a calendar
  • Access Info everywhere and anywhere with the mobile app

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“The ability to organize multiple projects for the same customer allows us to more accurately track our deliverables.”

-Mike Solar Revolution

Kenny Smith

Owner, Smith Roofing

Be more organized

  • Calculate material and labor on the go
  • Professional estimates
  • Speed up estimates so you can win more bids!


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fast estimates contracts proposals

Be more profitable

  • Regain lost jobs when you are organized
  • Get paid because you know who owes you money
  • See who is productive and who is not


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And Many More Features…

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JobNimbus Features automations reports calendar tasks paperless fast estimates

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