How-To Training

This is a great option if you have some technical skills and want to get your account set up on your own while having some one-on-one time with a JobNimbus expert.

Business Review

Our team learns about your business, measures your efficiency, and even see how you compare to other businesses working in your industry.

In-Depth Interview

We’ll ask about your process, business know-how, sales pipeline, project management, experience with QuickBooks & other integrations, and more.

Personal Recommendations

You’ll receive a personalized set of recommendations including easy-to-follow videos, setup suggestions, and training ideas optimized for you.

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All JobNimbus Services

Get up to speed faster than ever with in-depth, 1-on-1 training.


We'll help jumpstart your setup and get you up-and-running quickly.


We’ll join you on-site to customize your account and train your team.


Step-by-step guidance from start to finish by a JobNimbus expert trainer.


Train new staff or give your team a refresher on JobNimbus.


Customized solutions, training, integrations, and admin services.

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