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We’re recommended by multiple companies in the home services space as well as other companies we we integrate with (e.g. Beacon, Roofing Insights, The Roofing Academy, Owens Corning, TAMKO, and more)

I am passionate about accelerating growth and profitability by getting processes in place. I will boost your revenue by 43% in one year, save your team 24 hours per week, eliminate 95% of lost leads, and increase payments collected by over 25%. As your new office manager, I’ll organize your files, automate repetitive tasks, improve communication between team members and customers, and own day-to-day office operations.


Gorilla Roof, Inc.

Aislinn Nygaard

“This is our company’s lifeline to get everything ready, done, and finalized. It makes it easier for us to keep track of all the projects and our sales reps. It also makes keeping track of customer contact and customer needs even possible.”

Fortitude Roofing

Sean Claire

“JobNimbus keeps me on track so I can plan accordingly AND grow my business. I can
customize it to help me run my business my way…It made me feel like I was back in the
driver’s seat.”

Schneider Roofing

Charles Schneider

“JobNimbus has saved me about 40h/week and I’m doing the jobs of 2 part-time people that are no longer here too. I used to work 100h/week and now I work 60.”


Average Revenue Growth

Individual Hours/Week Saved


More Payments Collected

Easy to learn.
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The world’s most flexible and easiest to use project management and CRM software for home service businesses.

  • Grow revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% More Payments
  • Run your business from anywhere

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