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by JobNimbus

Say goodbye to loneliness. JobNimbus is now the #1 roofing software AND the #1 app for roofers to find true love.

Find love while selling roof jobs

Show off your profile, then swipe right or left to find certified JobNimbus users who are also looking for their forever mate.

RoofMate by JobNimbus

Sell more roofing jobs than ever before​

Your sales team’s new best friend

Give your sales reps world-class tools, like inspection forms, photo annotations, and smart estimating, and you get insights into how your sales team is performing.

Yeah, roofing CRM software can do that.

Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus

See singles on a map

Our mobile app shows you available singles in your area, so you always have a plan B if a date falls through.

Show off your roofing work

Include job photos uploaded to JobNimbus right on your dating profile to show your handy work.

Text each other with Engage

All your dating communication happens right inside JobNimbus, so you don’t miss a message, even late ones.

Automate date reminders

Stop getting ghosted by automating reminders for every one of your dates.

Know what to ask with Forms

Cat got your tongue? Just create a Form and JobNimbus will help you know exactly what to ask.

Schedule dates on the calendar

Never miss a date or a roof inspection thanks to our unified calendar. Scheduling has never been easier.

Pay for your date with JN Payments

Forgot your wallet? JobNimbus Payments lets you pay for your date right from our mobile app.

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Customize your dating workflow

Everyone dates differently. That’s why JobNimbus lets you dial in your workflow and boards just how you like them.

Get in-depth relationship insights

Our reports show you how long your dates last, how much money you’ve spent, and how close you are to finding the one.

Proposals when the time is right

When you’ve found the one, JobNimbus’ proposals will be the thing that seals the deal.

Find hot shingles in your area today

Join thousands of roofers using JobNimbus + RoofMate to save valuable time and find love while hitting their sales and production quota.

"I found love while I was waiting for our materials to be delivered for a job."

Arnold H., another RoofMate success story

RoofMate isn't real, but if you're looking for the #1 roofing software—you've found it

JobNimbus is your super suit. Boost efficiency and maximize your profits with one simple, all-in-one tool. Start your free 14-day trial now!

JobNimbus Payments

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Collect credit card and ACH payments in less than 30 seconds.