JobNimbus Solution Summit 2018

OCT 22-23, 2018 | AUSTIN, TX

With Special Guests

Randy Brothers - Elite Roofing

Randy Brothers

Owner, Elite Roofing
Randy is the founder and head of Elite Roofing, a full service roofing & restoration company and industry leader in Colorado with their outstanding customer service and innovative products and services.
Randy Brothers - Elite Roofing

Danny Kerr

Breakthrough Academy
After owning a franchise painting company and growing sales from $400k to $1.3m in one year, Danny began Breakthrough academy as a way to open horizons for all trades business owners seeking guidance.
Luke Hansen - CompanyCam

Luke Hansen


Zac Kerr


And JobNimbus Stars

Jake Dempsey - JobNimbus

Jake Dempsey

Biz Dev
Ronnie Smith - JobNimbus

Ronnie Smith

Ben Hodson - JobNimbus

Ben Hodson

Jason Wood - JobNimbus

Jason Wood

Support & QuickBooks

Event Details


October 22-23, 2018


AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center
1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705


Everyone is invited, whether you’re a pro or just getting started.

What’s in it for me?

Are you maximizing all the features JobNimbus has to offer? Do you feel like your business is running you? Where is your business headed? Does your team know how to reach your business goals? Do you have business goals?

The JobNimbus Solution Summit will provide you and your teams with everything you’ll need to increase business efficiencies and put your company on a path to greater success.

During the JNSS, we’ll review everything JobNimbus has to offer in streamlining your processes. You’ll learn why JobNimbus is the one solution needed to manage every facet of each team, service, and integration that makes up your company. With JobNimbus, you have control over everything.

In addition, you’ll learn from industry leaders how to move your business forward through proven practices and insights. With the information you’ll gain at JNSS, you will quickly increase your reputation, leads, and exposure within your market.

Come prepared with your questions and desire to improve. Come network with business leaders during classes, meals, and activities where ideas can be shared. Come and learn the role JobNimbus plays in your success. Most importantly, leave with defined goals and a clear path to get where you want to go and reach the success you desire.

AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center

Schedule & Classes


Ben Hodson

Randy Brothers

Bekah Eldridge, Josh Moncrief, Josh Fahey

How to Build and Maintain a High-Performance Sales Team
Randy Brothers

Ben Hodson & Randy Brothers

Keynote: The 3 Keys to Getting Out of the Day-to-Day in Your Trades Business
Danny Kerr

How to Properly Document a Loss/Communicate with Pictures

Canvassing Best Practices

Aileen Harris, Sarah Dubois, James Coffin

Building Your One-Page Strategic Plan for 2019
Danny Kerr

Ben Hodson, Randy Brothers, Danny Kerr

BASIC - Classroom 202

101: JobNimbus Basics – Building Features and Settings to Meet Your Needs
Bekah Eldridge & James Coffin

102: Account Security & Permissions – Keeping Everything Accessible & Secure
James Coffin & Bekah Eldridge

103: Optimizing Your Workflows – How to Get Your Workflows to Work for You
Sarah Dubois & Aileen Harris

104: Quickbooks – Getting Started
Sarah Dubois & Aileen Harris

105: Follow Up – Keep Leads Flowing
Jake Dempsey

106: Communication – How to Effectively Communicate with Your Team and Customers
Sarah Dubois & Aileen Harris

107: Integrations – Making JobNimbus the Hub to Expand Efficiency
Josh Moncrief & Bekah Eldridge

108: JobNimbus On-the-Go: Your Mobile Field Tool
Josh Moncrief & Aileen Harris

INTERMEDIATE - Classroom 203

Streamlining Your Business with Automation and Zapier
Nick Wood

Communicating To Win
Jake Dempsey

Understanding Hail and How to Marketing into Hail Damage

How to Build and Maintain a High-Performance Sales Team
Jake Dempsey

Customer Expectations: Keep Them in the Loop
Kaili Spear

Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity
Danny Kerr

Following Processes

Getting Feedback and Reviews
Matt Chambers, Podium

ADVANCED - Classroom 201

Mon. 10:00 am – Planting the Seeds of Growth: Grow Your Business
Brad Hodson

Mon. 11:00 am – From Beginning to End: Project Management

Mon. 2:00 pm – Working with a Growth Mindset: Stop Putting Out Daily Fires
Ben Hodson

Mon. 3:00 pm – Taking Your Office Paperless: The Value of Technology in Facing Your Customer

Tue. 10:00 am – Build a Company That Sells Itself
Nick Peret

Tue. 11:00 am – Increase Efficiencies to Increase Your Revenue
Ronnie Smith

Tue. 2:00 pm – Working On Your Business – Not In Your Business
Randy Brothers

Tue. 3:00 pm – Useful Reporting: Getting the Right Information In and Out
Brad Hodson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JobNimbus Solution Summit?

The JobNimbus Solution Summit is a one-stop-shop for solutions to your business problems.

Industry experts and business gurus from JobNimbus and other partners will present helpful tips and strategies for winning businesses.

Content includes keynotes, classes, and Q&A sessions built for every level of JobNimbus user.

I’m new to JobNimbus. Is this for me?

Absolutely! Even if you aren’t a JobNimbus user, the learning and principles that you’ll learn will help you build your business higher.

We’ll have tracks for newbies, intermediate users, and pros.

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced veteran, we will have something for you.

Are there rooms available at the hotel for lodging?

The convention center is also a hotel and has rooms available at a discounted price for attendees.

If you plan on going, we recommend booking early before rooms run out. Use the following link for reservations:

Get A Room

Are there group discounts available?

We are not offering group discounts at this time. We have priced this event very competitively and have packed the schedule with priceless strategies for your business.

You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

If we get tickets but miss it, can we get a refund?

If you’re not able to make it, we still want to make sure you get help with your business.

Just let us know and we’ll work with you to apply the purchase price towards business training for you and your team.

My ticket only shows October 22. Will it work for both days?

Your ticket will only show the first day of the Summit but rest assured you will have access to the entire duration of the event.

Do I have to stay on a track or can I jump between them?

You are free to move in-between the 3 tracks as you wish.

We organized them as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced to make it easier to identify classes based on attendee needs

What’s the difference between the Plus and Standard Ticket?

Standard ticket includes:
• Summit workbook containing all session materials
• All standard sessions
• Light breakfast and full lunch on both days
• All-day beverage service
• Prize giveaways

Plus ticket includes:
• All Standard ticket inclusions PLUS
• 2 hours of live group Q&A training with members of JobNimbus staff
• Up to 30 min video call training within 120 days of conference
• Additional prize giveaways

Don’t Miss Out

Bring your team and get ready to transform your business.

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