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Electrician Software For Estimating, Sales, And Project Management

Manage your electrical contracting business with invoicing, scheduling, project management, and QuickBooks sync. Available for web/iOS/Android.

Integrated solutions

Work becomes easy with integrated solutions. JobNimbus integrates with a suite of tools to make your business efficient. Get up to date pricing on materials with Beacon, quickly sync accounting data with Quickbooks and even offer your customers creative ways to finance with Sunlight Financial. All resulting in getting more done with less time.

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Estimating & Invoicing - JobNimbus

Electrical Estimating In A Few Taps

The best electrical estimating software is the one that’s built right into your CRM. JobNimbus’ web or mobile apps give you the power to pull from your own list of products & services, use saved templates, and auto-fill customer info.

All of your electrical estimates, invoices, and payments sync with QuickBooks Desktop or Online to save you time to run your electrical business.

Electrician Software - Mobile Job Photos
Capture Job Photos - JobNimbus

Quickly Take Photos Of Everything

Electrical systems are very visual. Wiring runs up and down walls, so documenting your electrical jobs requires a rapid-fire approach.

With JobNimbus, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting the camera in our iOS and Android apps to let you take one shot after another, or upload from your album, and add everything to the job in just a couple of taps.

They’ll all sync to the office, and other crews immediately. Then, you can share them with the customer or your general contractor with one click.

Leads & Contacts - JobNimbus

Accelerate Your Sales Growth

Your electrician business needs a steady stream of leads and a way to easily move those leads through your sales process.

JobNimbus lets you build your own sales workflow based on your process and gives you boards to visualize and move jobs from one step to the next. You’ll have better visibility and better control than ever.

Concrete Software - Sales Board

Now with Unlimited Storage

That’s enough space for photos, contracts, & notes on your electrical contracting jobs forever. Never worry again.

Calendar & Tasks - JobNimbus

Electrician Scheduling With Shared Calendars

Scheduling between repair, installation, and warranty jobs is a chore for any office.

Your teams need to be dispatched, you need to know where everyone is, and they need to know where they need to go.

JobNimbus gives your office full visibility with shared calendars while giving your crews in the field their whole day, week, and month right on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device (even while offline).

Electrician Software - iPhone, iPad, Android
Mobile Signatures
Jobs & Production - JobNimbus

Electrician Software With Contracts Built-In

Electrical contractors have a lot of paperwork. One of our main goals at JobNimbus is to take all that paperwork and make it digital.

By digitizing everything, you’ll be able to create contracts with nothing more than your smartphone or tablet, get them signed with your customer’s finger, and keep them stored in one easy-to-search place.

“Thanks for producing a great program and the quick help and responses on set up!”

J.J. Hedden, Peak To Peak Roofing & Exteriors

Reports - JobNimbus

Time Tracking, Activity, Notes, Full Visibility

With so many techs out in the field, office people to manage, and new jobs to scope out, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

JobNimbus is built to help you keep it all together while requiring less work than you’re doing now. Add notes, track time worked on the job, and more. We time stamp and user stamp everything so you know who did what and when.

Electrician Software - Time Tracking, Activity
Work Orders - JobNimbus

Automate Your Electrical Business

Quit juggling your electrical business like a circus act. With JobNimbus, you’ll be able to automatically create tasks, send notifications, or move your jobs through your process.

With automation, you can focus on getting jobs done and getting home to be with your family.

QuickBooks Sync - JobNimbus

Sync With QuickBooks Desktop or Online

With JobNimbus, you can sync everything including:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Products & Services
  • Payments

Choose either a 2-way or 1-way sync. No more double-entry. Keep your accountant up-to-date automatically.

How landscaping software integrates with Quickbooks
“It is really bringing true organization, & helps all stay in sync.”

Nathan Harris, Thomas Jefferson Roofing

And much more…

With JobNimbus as your electrician software, you’ll have an all-in-one solution for your electrician business.

Automation - JobNimbus


Integrate with powerful tools so you can have more features with JobNimbus at the hub.
Customization - JobNimbus


Bring the workflow you’ve perfected and let JobNimbus launch it to the next level.
Offline Mode - JobNimbus


In a basement or in an attic with no internet? No worries. Our mobile app still works flawlessly.
Devices - JobNimbus

All Your Devices

iOS/Android, Windows/Mac, JobNimbus plays nicely with all of your devices.
Email - JobNimbus


Send emails & attachments directly from JobNimbus. Capture replies and track opens.
Notes - JobNimbus


Keep notes, see activity, and enjoy full audit trails. See your electrical jobs from start to finish.
Time Tracking - JobNimbus

Time Tracking

Your crews can track their time on site, then you can check against your estimates for improvement.
Notifications - JobNimbus


Get built-in and custom notifications via email or push directly to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.
Sharing - JobNimbus

Share Jobs

Keep your customers in the loop, share key job details, photos, contracts, and more.
Budgets - JobNimbus


Keep track of your job expenses, track sales commissions, and discover your job profitability.
Documents - JobNimbus

Contract Builder

Create your contracts, build proposals, JobNimbus will auto-fill contact & job details.
Signatures - JobNimbus


Get your electrical designs and estimates signed right at the door with our mobile app.


We offer customized packages for each account based on their size and growth goals.
Let’s have a conversation about your needs and how we can help. No credit card required. Free Trial!

Grow Your Electrician Business, Make More Money

Watch our full demo to see what JobNimbus can do for your sales team, crews, project managers, and office staff.

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