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How do you write a contractor proposal?

What is a contractor proposal template?

A contractor proposal template is a contract to do work between a client and a contractor. It contains contact information for the contractor and the client. It has the location of work and a description of the work that will take place. The cost of the work and payment schedule are in it. Also,  bid, estimate and quote are similar terms. 

A more detailed contract can include warranty information. For instance,  quality standards and a work schedule.  And it can be very detailed. Such as collection fees and details of rescinding the contract.

It can also outline legalities of insurance and what the business will not be liable for. 

Both parties sign the contract in order for it to be legally binding.




Contractor TOS Proposal Bid Estimate

    What is the format of a proposal?

    Proposals in contracting have some essential elements. Aside from a detailed description and contact information, there are other things to keep in mind. Particularly, language that mitigates risk. Also, the cost of labor and materials need to be there. In order for the job to be profitable, an accurate proposal is essential.


    Contact information (contractor and homeowner)

    • Name, email, phone number
    • Job site, address

     Details of job to be done

    • Description of materials in detail
    • Timeline
    • Date, proposal number


    • Homeowner
    • Project manager

     Payment details

    • Payment type
    • Deposit
    • Added materials
    • Fees

    Terms and conditions

    • Contract rescind terms/termination clauses
    • Liability
    • Insurance
    • Warranties
    • Overhead and Profit fees
    • State Specific Laws



contractor proposal template
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Why should I have a digital contractor proposal template?

The faster you can get bids out the more of a chance you have to win a job. The drawbacks of paper, word documents and excel files is they are not in a single location.

A CRM keeps all of your customer information, including proposals. A digital proposal that is a template can be used again and again with minor changes to the materials.




How do you write a contractor proposal? 

There are many templates online you can use. It is possible to use a paper contract or an excel spreadsheet. Yet, the most streamlined way to do it is to have the contract housed in software. Especially, in a centralized digitally organized location. 


For example, JobNimbus is a CRM that keeps all customer information. Search at your fingertips. There is an area that has templates in it. Each template can have your business information along with the customer information. The contract language automatically will feed into creating an estimate.


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