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What is the best construction estimate software?

The best construction estimate software.

Construction estimate software that…

  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments
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JobNimbus best construction estimate software 2021

What tools do construction estimators use?

Every trade has a set of tools. Above all, contractors get the job done faster with estimating software. Software tools help with many trades such as construction, roofing, remodeling and fencing.  JobNimbus has some of the best estimating tools to get the job done. Here are a list of specific tools construction estimators use.


Construction estimate software features


  • Cloud based software where you can access estimates anywhere.

Example, “Pull up a digital bid in the field on an Ipad and have the customer sign the estimate. Email the estimate to a subcontractor.”

With an app for contractors you can access information anywhere. This helps the sales and production team keep organized.

  • Digital Templates for estimates.

For instance, “Have all of your products and services saved with material and labor in a digital template. Pull it up quick and edit it. Have a version for the company and one to send to your customer.”

  • E-signing on site for customers

Customers can sign off on site with their fingers on the Ipad or via email.

  • Supplier integration

One of the best tools for construction estimating is getting fast, accurate pricing. Imagine getting an up to the second cost for key supplies? JobNimbus is integrated with Beacon Building Products. Through this integration many supplies can be ordered. The estimate can be converted to a material order and an invoice. They are organized neatly in a digital file for the customer.

  • Ability to email estimate

A digital estimate can be quickly emailed to a customer. It can be converted to a material order to send to a supplier or a subcontractor/employee. When the job is finished convert to an invoice to get paid.


Fast construction estimate software

  • Products with labor and material

Add your products to a digital database to be used on jobs. Include labor and material. These products make up a template which you can use again and again. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets.

  • Markup on the project

Make sure you are getting paid. With a quick markup slider you can adjust your profit margins on the estimate.

  • Customize estimate with contract language

Include your terms of service clearly on your estimate. So your customers expectations are managed from the get go.

  • Lastly, estimates that sync to Quickbooks

Sync over your estimates, invoices and payments to Quickbooks. Save time without double entry.



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What is the best building software? JobNimbus construction estimate software
What is construction estimate software?

Firstly, construction estimate software or a CRM is a “customer relationship management” tool.  Sometimes its called, “construction scheduling software” or  a “construction management system”.  Software helps businesses manage communication with their customers. It streamlines business processes and helps you connect with customers. It increases visibility so that your entire team knows where each job is at during every stage of the process. Most importantly, cloud based software is online. This has all of your customer information, whenever you need it.

Using a traditional process with pen, paper and files can be incredibly time consuming. JobNimbus helps put everything online digitally so you can find information fast. Above all,  you can get accurate estimates via our integration with Beacon.  For instance, Beacon has products in the construction and remodeling  industries nationwide.

In addition, JobNimbus allows a contractor to generate a bid or proposal at the customer location. This allows the customer to sign off on the estimate on site. Lastly, construction estimate software is typically a feature within software. JobNimbus organizes projects and clients to organize work. It’s a one stop shop to keep on top of everything.

How does construction estimating software work?

Each kind of software is built differently and may function differently. JobNimbus has a flexible estimate structure. This structure serves contractors in a variety of home service industries. It has the following features specifically.

  • Digital Templates for estimates.

  • E-signing on site for customers

  • Estimate versions for customer and internal business

  • Supplier integration

  • Ability to email estimate

  • Products with labor and material

  • Ability to convert estimate to invoice

  • Ability to customize estimate with contract language

  • Estimates that sync to Quickbooks

In short, using these all result in working faster and more efficient. It keeps you organized and stay on top of everything.

Is there free construction estimating software?

JobNimbus offers a two week software trial for FREE! The trial doesn’t require a credit card. You can easily see how estimates work. Save time through templates with products, labor and material and supplier integrations.

Is there an app for estimate?

JobNimbus is an app for estimating. Contractors often need to create fast estimates so they can win bids. JobNimbus integrates with Beacon’s live pricing. You can quickly build estimates from templates that have labor and material included. For example, key products can sync over to Quickbooks. Easily get the customer to sign in the field with an e-signature.

You can use the JobNimbus app in the field on your Ipad or Smartphone. This allows you to check off essential tasks in the field. This helps the production/sales team and the office. Most importantly, everyone has visibility on the work being done. JobNimbus has an app along with a web version of the software. Subsequently,  it allows an entire company to always be on the same page.

Why should I use digital estimates?

Speed, ease of use, organization and professionalism. With a template you can have the most common estimate items preload. The saved estimate template loads in your software and you can edit it on the jobsite and calculate a bid. This saves time. Appear professional and allow the contracting business to close the bid faster. The customers contact information has the estimate associated with them. Finding the information is fast through a quick search in the software. With JobNimbus, you can have the app on your Ipad. Create an estimate have the customer sign and take photos all out in the field. While you are out in the field, the office managers can check and see all the information. The process is visible and organized.

How do I manage a small construction company?
  • Make sure you have a savvy office administrator that is answering the phones

  • Ensure you know who owes you money and that outstanding invoices are followed up on.

  • Make sure you know the details of job costing, ensure your estimates are accurate and margins are profitable

  • Use a solid software so that you can identify bottlenecks, see where you are winning and what needs improvements.

Why do I need software to run my business?

Most importantly, software matters because it can cost you money if you don’t have it. It organizes and speeds up business processes. Subsequently, everyone in the company is on the same page. Visibility is clear for lead opportunities and project bottlenecks. Additionaly,  follow-ups and collecting payments are easy.

Again, the ability to put together a fast, accurate estimate for a customer on site benefits many trades. Some trades that use construction estimate software are roofing, remodelling and home exteriors. Others such as fencing, decks and pools use the features estimate software has also.

In short, being organized and efficient saves money in lost jobs. Also, there is a bonus of peace of mind and being in control. This allows contractors to spend more time with family.

What problems can JobNimbus solve for me?

First, JobNimbus is a digital program you can use on the jobsite with a mobile device. It helps you stay organized and appear more professional.

Next, construction business management software solves lost revenue. Because jobs are not getting followed up on.

Poor communication because the team doesn’t see where each department is at in the process.

Lack of oversight into every process such as leads, production and billing. Wasted time spent trying to find key information.

Finally, say goodbye to papers stacking up in the office or the truck and to the trusty Excel spreadsheet.


Why choose JobNimbus?

Lastly, we are easy to use. Start off and get running with the basics and later learn some of the more advanced features. We are customizable. JobNimbus allows you to tailor our system to how your business works.

JobNimbus offers a lot of value for our pricing. It integrates with many other companies. We have onboarding and are available to answer any questions you have. No wonder JobNimbus is the best crm for general contractors in 2021

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Construction estimate software that…


Average Revenue Growth

Hours a Week Saved Per Person


More Payments Collected

“The best CRM I have used yet! As a GC for over 25 years I have seen dozens. JobNimbus incorporates what we want and is affordable to even new start ups. Support is excellent as well.”

-Kenny Smith Owner Smith Roofing

Kenny Smith

Owner, Smith Roofing

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  • Grows revenue by 43% on average
  • Save 8 hours per person per week
  • Collect 25% more payments

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What is construction estimate software

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