JobNimbus Brand

Please use the following guidelines and resources when referencing JobNimbus or its brand.

How do you spell JobNimbus?

The product & company is called JobNimbus, spelled in title case with no space between each word. Job Nimbus, Jobnimbus, and jobnimbus are incorrect spellings.

What shouldn’t I do with the JobNimbus brand?
  • Reuse any other images, illustrations, or graphics from this domain without our permission
  • Display JobNimbus graphics or branding in such a way that it implies relationship,
    affiliation, partnership, or endorsement unless such exists
  • Comandeer these graphics for another brand, product, or service
  • Doctor, alter, or intermingle these graphical assets with others without our permission

How To Do JobNimbus Right


Guidelines coming soon. Download log in Press Kit


In order to add color to JobNimbus-related communication, you can use this brand colors palette.

Bleu De France

Pickled Bluewater

UFO Green

Radical Red

Beau Blue


Product Images

Guidelines coming soon. Download screenshots in Press Kit


Titillium Web

Download Brand Guidelines

Get all of our brand resources and guidelines in a folder that’s just as easy to use as JobNimbus itself.

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