Text Your Customers From JobNimbus Using Zapier and TextMagic

Looking for a way to text your customers using JobNimbus? You have a couple options, so let us show you the possibilities. This can be a game changer, especially with so many people checking their phones more often than they check email.

Zapier Connects JobNimbus to Thousands of Apps

You may already be familiar with our Zapier integration for setting up automations between JobNimbus and many other services you use or want to use. If not, you may want to start here. You may also be familiar with how you can set up a Zap that automatically text messages your team or subcontractors when certain triggers or conditions occur in JobNimbus, free of charge. However, this free option is not appropriate for text messaging your customers or other contacts because it requires authentication. So today, we’d like to tell you about an option for companies who would like to automate text messaging to contacts outside their organization, for an affordable additional fee, using a service called TextMagic.

Meet TextMagic

TextMagic helps thousands of businesses automate text or SMS messages. According to their website:

“TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns.”

By integrating your existing JobNimbus account with this service (using Zapier as the middleman or connector), you can take advantage of this benefit alongside all the other JobNimbus tools and features you use day-in and day-out.

The Price: Worth Every Penny?

Using TextMagic with your Zapier integration in JobNimbus means paying an additional fee. As you may already know, most texting services require an additional cost like this. It’s the cost of being able to text customers, not just your internal team or contacts. For the right JobNimbus user, that’s worth every penny. An automation like this could help you and your team save time and effort on repetitive communication. The following takes you through how to set up texts to external contacts such as customers, which involves the per-text fee.

Step by Step: How to Set Up Automations to Text Your Customers From JobNimbus

As you run through these steps, if you run into issues or need more detail, please refer to our more in-depth Support article about setting up TextMagic for JobNimbus via Zapier.

Connect TextMagic to Zapier

  1. Log in to your Zapier and JobNimbus accounts. If you haven’t already connected JobNimbus to Zapier, do that first. You’ll also need to set up a TextMagic Account, which you can do as a free trial here.
  2. Select Connected Accounts. In the search field, type TextMagic. Select the entry
  3. Input your TextMagic username or Email address.
  4. Select the hyperlink for APIv2 Keys and a new window will pop up. On the API v2 Keys tab, select Add new API key.
  5. Type Zapier for the App Name and select Generate New Key.
  6. Copy the API key to the right of the app named “Zapier.”
  7. Return to the previous Zapier window, where you entered your username for TextMagic and paste your API Key into the API Key field.
  8. Select Yes, Continue to connect your TextMagic Account to Zapier.

So far so good? Once you get to this point, you’re half-way there! If you’ve run into any issues, don’t worry, our Support team is available to help.

Create Your First TextMagic Zap

You’ve established the connection among these apps, so now you just need to customize what they do. First, we’ll set the trigger that gets things started, then we’ll set the resulting action.

Part A: Set the Trigger

  1. Make sure you have all three programs open and that you’re logged in to each one.
  2. In Zapier, Select Make a Zap!
  3. From the “Choose App” screen, select JobNimbus.
  4. From the “Choose Trigger” screen, select Contact Created, Modified or Deleted. Select Save + Continue.
  5. Select the desired JobNimbus account and select Save + Continue.
  6. From the Edit Options screen select the filter as “Created” or “Created or Modified” and select Continue.
  7. Test the step by selecting Fetch and Continue. Once the test is done, select Continue.

Just a few more steps to go . . .

Part B: Set the Resulting Action

  1. From the “Choose App” screen, select TextMagic.
  2. From the “Choose Action” screen, select Send Message, and select Save + Continue.
  3. Select your TextMagic account, then Save + Continue.
  4. From the “Edit Template” screen use a combination of plain text and generated fields from JobNimbus to set up your text message template by filling out the “Text” field.
  5. Within the Phones field, input the number one (1) followed by no spaces and the name of the JobNimbus field for “Mobile Phone”. For example: 1(Step1:MobilePhone).
  6. Fill out any additional fields, then select Continue.
  7. Test the feature by selecting Send Test to TextMagic.
  8. Select Finish. If you’re ready to roll, name the Zap and slide the gray toggle button to “ON”.

Voila! You’re up and running with a customer text message automation using Zapier and TextMagic! With this integration, you should save time and energy on repetitive communication so you can focus on helping customers on a more meaningful level. Run into problems along the way? Again, we’re here to help.

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