What is CRM and Why You Should Care

Cookie Removal Machine? Cupboard and Rack Maker? Cancelled Rescue Mission? Just what is CRM and why should you even care?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the people, process, and technology that are involved in completing the real objective of determining: How does this process (or product) serve the customer? And, how can this process (or product) better serve the customer?

CRM is About People, Process, and Technology

The customer is always first, no matter what you do or sell. And if people aren’t buying or you’re losing customers, you need to look at your process and/or product to see what you can tweak to change that. This creates a need for your company to create a repeatable process to work step by step with clients to get them through each stage of the job, all the way to the close of the sale and completion of the job (and, hopefully, repeat work later).

Usually associated with contact information, CRM is much more than that. With CRM software, you can track a client’s entire history, from their first contact to the end of their service, their second service, third, and beyond. The best CRM systems will help with the following:

  • Streamline Marketing and Sales. A CRM software system can help a company’s marketing department to identify and focus on best customers, generate quality leads for the sales team, and manage marketing campaigns. These systems can expand options for marketers and provide high value propositions to new clients. This also allows for the sales team to streamline their process by sharing information between multiple employees, taking orders, managing sales and contact information, etc.
  • Improve Customer Relations. Having CRM makes it easier for you to have individualized relationships with many customers, instead of just a select few that you can remember or write down on a piece of paper. By improving customer relations, you can have a direct line to improve customer satisfaction by identifying issues to improve service and identifying the customers that will be most profitable in the future.
  • Maximize Profit. By knowing your customers better, understanding their needs and wants, and reworking your processes to better serve them, you will be able to serve more customers, in less time, with better products and services which, in turn, maximize your profit. It’s a win-win situation.

You Need Customer Relationship Management Software

The general contractor and service industry setting is stone-age compared to other fields and enterprises. File cabinets, post-its, and a couple Windows 2000 machines (at best) are often the big kids on the block, but that’s not going to cut it anymore, guys. You need to get with the technology curve; you NEED a CRM system in order to make it out there.

Customer Relationship Management software is not the end of your worries, however, because CRM is more than just letting software manage your clients. Instead, a software solution will assist you to automate some processes that you establish within your organization; processes that work for you and your clients.

JobNimbus provides a CRM system melded with Project Management Software which provides these tools and possibliities. You can try JobNimbus for free and see just how easy it is to get set up and start improving your client relations to maximize profit and success.

For questions about CRM systems and how they can help, go ahead and comment here to let us know.

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