Using Tasks in JobNimbus CRM for Roofing Reminders

You can use tasks to keep track of reminders, to-dos, follow-ups, and appointments in your JobNimbus roofing software. Tasks can help you do things like remember to order materials for a job or remind you to schedule a job.

Add Task from Home Page

There are several different ways to create a task. In your JobNimbus web app, on the home page, you can hit the “Add Task” tab on the top of the page. The new window allows you to create generic tasks where you can fill in the task name, description, scheduling, and more. If you just want to make a reminder, you can set a start and end date. You can also enter a specific time for the roofing program to notify you.

The “Assigned To” field is important to fill out because it tells JobNimbus which team member the task is being assigned to. It will always default to yourself when you create a task, but you can also type in the name of other users in your company and assign them alone, or with yourself or multiple other people. If you assign someone else, they will automatically be notified through either email or push notification, depending on what their preferences were set to be.

On the bottom, you can also see a “Related Contacts” field that lets you connect the task to a customer (or job if you have Jobs set up). Once you’ve added the task, you may get a pop-up reminding you that you’ve double booked if that’s the case. JobNimbus will confirm whether you want to still add the task if you have another task booked for the same day and time.

Add Task by Customer/Job

Another way you can add in tasks is to find a customer or a job in your roofing software. You can search for them at the top in the search bar or go to your list or boards view. After you’ve selected the customer you want to add a task to, click the Task tab, hit “Add Task,” and fill out the appropriate information.

Because you’re adding the task to the customer’s contact record, JobNimbus will automatically link the customer’s name to the “Related Contacts” field for you. Once you’ve set up the task, JobNimbus will do a couple of things. First, it will link the task to your calendar, and second, it will make the task appear on your dashboard list. Once you finish the task, you can check it off and JobNimbus will hide it from your list and calendar. You can also add tasks from your calendar for easier scheduling.

One other thing your roofing job management software will do is send you a reminder on the day the task is due. Like we mentioned before, you can be notified through either email or push notifications depending on your preferences. You can change your notification preferences by clicking your name in the top right corner and hitting “My Info.” If you scroll down a little, you will see a notification category. There you can change your notification method and choose what kind of reminders you want to receive. If you receive an email notification for tasks, you can mark them complete right from your email.


If you need to remember to order materials for a job or to schedule a job, just use tasks in JobNimbus. You can add the task directly to jobs and see them straight from your dashboard’s task list and calendar. Simply drag and drop appointments on your calendar to reschedule them. Also, receive notifications the day tasks are due. Again, you can add tasks just from your home page or by searching for a customer or job in JobNimbus. You can also see your task list on your mobile app to help you remember to get tasks done. Download the JobNimbus CRM for roofing app to your phone from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today.

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