Uploading Photos in the JobNimbus Roof App

You can take photos with your JobNimbus mobile app and they’ll automatically upload to the customer or job that you want to put those photos on. There are two ways you can add photos to a contact or a job using the roof app. You can add photos from your phone after taking them, or you can take photos from within the mobile roof app. Snap as many photos as you want, then attach them directly to the customer file. You can also add notes about each photo. All your photos are automatically synced to your JobNimbus and accessible to other team members.

How to Upload Photos

From your home screen, if you click your contacts list in the mobile roof app, you can select the customer you want to put those photos on. If you have Jobs enabled, similarly, you would click on Jobs and select a specific job to upload those photos. After you’ve selected your contact or job, you can see a plus (+) icon in the top right corner of your mobile app. Tap it and then tap the option to add photos.

From there, it takes you to a screen where you can put in a name for the photo, set a category, or add a description. The name, category, and description are all optional to fill out. Categories are also customizable, so you can talk to your administrator about adding specific categories if you want to put your photos into different folders.

At the bottom of the screen, simply press the “Add Photo” button, and immediately JobNimbus will ask you to choose your source. You can either take a live picture or pick from your photo album on your phone. If you choose to take a live photo, you can retake or use your photo and JobNimbus will queue it to your list. You can take as many photos as you’d like and your roof software will continue to queue up your items one at a time.

Once you hit save, those photos are automatically in the background being uploaded to JobNimbus. If you want to check, look in your Contact Details and scroll down to “Related.” There you can view all your attachments including your photos. In the web, as soon as you find the customer’s profile you just uploaded photos to, you can see those photos posted under the attachments tab.

Tips for Uploading Photos

The JobNimbus roofing software works in offline mode so it can sync photos and attachments to the web whenever it has a chance to connect to Wi-Fi. The size and number of photos affect how fast they transfer to the web app. Strong Wi-Fi connection should speed up this process. If you take large amounts of photos and your connection is mobile data only, it may take longer for the photos to sync to the contact/job in the web app.

If the photos still have not synced to the Web app after a few hours of strong Wi-Fi connection (this may happen with large batches of high-resolution photos), try adding one photo to another contact (could be a test contact). This may help restart the photo sync. Don’t delete the roof app during a photo sync or you may lose your photos, especially if you took them from the app and are not uploading them from a phone gallery.

Enjoy the app!

Taking photos while on the job can be a huge advantage to your work efficiency. The JobNimbus mobile app saves you time and effort while out in the field. Its ability to immediately capture and upload photos then sync them to the web requires little effort but provides big benefits. You can use photos to promote your roofing business or track job progress. There are even more benefits JobNimbus has to offer with its many features. Be sure to watch our demo here to see how JobNimbus helps ease your workload and boost productivity. If you have any questions about using the photo uploading feature on the JobNimbus roof app, please reach out to support@jobnimbus.com.

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