Tutorial: How to Add a Contact to JobNimbus

Today we are going to see how to add a contact to JobNimbus. Every business needs to make contact management a priority in order to record new and returning customers, follow through on jobs and clients, and keep in contact with valuable partners. Contact management is one of the most basic and most important elements of project and customer management software, which is why it is so important to make contact management easy.

So check out our video tutorial or read the video transcription below and be sure to let us know if it is helpful for you. If you need more help to add a contact to your contact list, be sure to comment here or send us an email. We’ll have more JobNimbus tutorials weekly, posted right here on the JobNimbus Blog.

Video Transcription:

JobNimbus is a contact and project management system for the service and contractor industry. JobNimbus makes it easy to track all your contacts and is a great customer resource management, or CRM, tool for contractors. Today I am going to show you how to add a contact to JobNimbus.

On the left side of JobNimbus are my main navigation options. I click on my ‘Contacts’ link to view all my existing contacts. I then click on the ‘Add New Contact’ button at the upper right of the screen. This opens a dialogue where I can enter the contact’s information.

We have worked hard to simplify contact management in JobNimbus. All of the most common contact fields are listed here but have been streamlined to manage a large number of contacts.

In the ‘Contact Type’ field I can choose an existing contact type I already defined or I can just type whatever I want to had a new category for this contact.

I enter the first and last name and, optionally, the phone number, email address, company that this contact is associated with, and address of the contact.

I then click the ‘Save’ button to add this contact. My ‘Contacts’ list now shows the new contact I just added. It really is that easy to add contacts in JobNimbus.

You can try JobNimbus for free by going to JobNimbus.com.

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