Top Tips for Increasing Your Roofing Sales

Every homeowner will undoubtedly have to replace their roof. While the potential customer base is consistent, it’s important to stay on top of your sales skills to make sure that you stand out from all your competitors in your area. Homeowners are likely to shop around for the best deal or most reliable company, so it is imperative for you to know the top roofing sales strategies to raise your sales and protect homeowners. Here are the top tips for increasing your roofing sales:

Display Professionalism

What separates the newbies from the experts is the first impression—your professional image. This is crucial to gain the trust of your potential clients from the get-go. Customers expect to spend money, and they are more willing to put their money in a roofing business that displays a credible, professional, and authoritative image in their respective industry. Everything from your attire to your behavior and the music emanating from your work vehicle’s speakers will immediately set the foundation for your interaction. Ensure you bring all necessary sales materials to show your preparedness and organizational skills.

Bring Several Roofing Options

The majority of people operate visually. Therefore, it is essential to bring multiple options of roofing shingles for your potential customers to review. A GAF research survey concluded that 96% of roofing replacement salesmen bring more than one roofing option. It is a proven fact that customers are more interested in purchasing from salespeople if they can see the products live. The more options you bring, the more likely you are to close on the sale.

Keep Your Focus Clear

When people perceive a gimmicky sale, the door will be closed. To keep the window of opportunity open, focus on educating the potential customer. Explain why a new roof is vital to the safety of the real estate as well as everything that resides within. Your job is to display the reasons they need your services and the benefits, not the product itself. You can use this guide to help you:
  • Explain how the roofing replacement process works
  • Give them a scenario of what they can expect
  • Showcase the value of your products, materials, and the workmanship you are offering

Explain Why Your Products are Different

One of the most effective ways to close your sale is to prove why you are better than your competitors. According to a survey by several roofing contractors, 76% of homeowners chose the salesperson who discussed their products and services versus their competitors. Everyone is looking for the highest quality of products; therefore, use this time to prove why they should hire you and not another roofing business.

Listen to the Needs of Your Client

It is equally as important to display listening skills in addition to your sales skills. Your customers will tell you what they need, and it is your job to customize your sales pitch to match their needs. Listen to their worries and concerns regarding the project. When a client feels cared for and heard, they are more likely to enlist your services. When they vocalize a problem, offer a solution. Anything that can show why hiring you will solve their issue is a closing that is well on its way.

Use Roofing Software, Apps, and Any Tools Available

In a world gone digital, you must utilize roofing software. One of the most popular roofing software available on the market today is JobNimbus. JobNimbus was designed to help your company be more organized, efficient, professional, and increase your visibility and profitability. Roofing estimate software and apps keep your business organized and streamlined. Handyman apps also lower the risk of errors and misinformation, which can lead to loss of business.

Show Them Who YOU Are

The quickest way to win someone over is to simply be real. Be genuine. Reveal if you are a family person, your likes and dislikes, and a little background on yourself. Bringing yourself forward on a human level creates a deep bond of trust beyond you pitching your sale. Don’t be afraid to talk about your passions, hobbies, and history with the company. In essence, you truly are selling yourself and not just the product. The clients have to like you in order to want to buy from you. Here is a quick crash-course for new salespeople:

Get to know the business

Make sure you do an in-depth analysis of the business you are working for. The more you know about the organization, the better you can sell.

Gain product knowledge

Studying your product is a surefire way of successfully closing on more sales. Ensure you have an answer for any question regarding your product that may come your way. The key is to be fluent in your field.

Research your buyer

It is equally important to research your buyer. What are they looking for? What solution do you provide to their problem?

Be confident

Show up with confidence. No one wants to buy from someone who seems unsure of the product—or themselves.

Learn closing techniques

You must learn how to properly close a deal. There are endless selling procedures for your review. Pick the one that works best with your personality style and is based on the buyers’ interests.

Customer Retention

This is one of the most important aspects of being a good roofing contractor and salesman. You must follow up with your customers to retain them, and potentially earn their referrals. When your customers reach out, respond to them quickly. Time is of the essence in the contracting world. Your customers will establish loyalty with you if they feel seen and get their questions answered promptly. This is what separates the newbies from the salesmen who stay in business for the long run. If you take too long, you run the risk of losing the client to the competitor who is waiting for your slip-up. *** If you are in the roofing and contractor industry, we can assist you with project management and CRM. JobNimbus was designed with you in mind to ease your daily tasks, keep your business organized, and develop the authority within your industry that separates you from the rest. Contact us today!

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