Taking Roofing Contractor Software To The Next Level

There is a paradigm shift going on in regards to technology. Just under a month ago, SanDisk announced the world’s first 128 gigabyte micro SD card. That’s 128GB on a piece of silicon, metal, and plastic smaller than a U.S. penny.

To put that into perspective, 8″ floppy disks maxed out at 230 megabytes (1.8% of the space on the new micro SD card). Not to mention, this announcement comes less than 10 years after the micro SD card maxed out at 128 megabytes, a improvement of 1000%.

Indeed, technology is growing and even accelerating, and roofing contractors also have a greater pool to draw from for tools that can help make life and business easier and more efficient than ever.

And, while JobNimbus isn’t specifically roofing contractor software, the majority if our users happen to be roofing contractors who have found themselves perfectly equipped to tackle the daily load with JobNimbus.

Huge Advances in Roofing Contractor Software

As with SD cards, storage space across the board has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Where you used to have to print or store everything locally, now you can have cheap cloud storage space with enough room to grow.

Photos, documents, contracts, brochures; you name it and you can save it in JobNimbus without ever having to worry about running out of space.

And it gets better. Saving documents and photos to JobNimbus can be done from anywhere and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Just think: you’re at the job site and need to take pictures of the roof. You just pull out the JobNimbus mobile app, snap the shots, and upload them directly to JobNimbus.

The office team will instantly be able to see these images on their end. Try doing that even 5 years ago.

High-Tech is Just a Click (or Tap) Away

With JobNimbus, high powered technology is just a few clicks/taps away, along with all your documents, photos, estimates, etc.

All of this happens in the cloud, making your data accessible at all times and in all places.

JobNimbus also comes with integrations with powerful players in the roofing industry, including ScopeAssist by Accurence, and naturalForms, both of which allow you important tools to get your estimates and paperwork done faster and more efficient.

Technology is here to make our lives easier. If you haven’t taken the leap of faith, there’s no better time to close your eyes, plug your nose, and dive in.

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