Stay Signed In to the JobNimbus App

Are you asked to enter your password over and over in order to stay signed in to the JobNimbus app? This can be frustrating, but we have good news! We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you shouldn’t need to keep doing this.

Here’s how you can fix it:

If you are running the latest version of 2.0, the JobNimbus mobile app should only require you to log in once.

In other words, our app will keep your session open forever until you explicitly close it. To end a session, you should have to select the JobNimbus app’s menu, which expands when you select the three horizontal lines in the upper left of your screen, then select Log Out.

If this isn’t the case–if your mobile device isn’t keeping your session open, read on.

Why This Might Be Happening

In the past, a bug in our app caused some users to have to log back in each time they opened the app. If that sounds like what’s happening to you, please know that this bug has been fixed!

So, if you’re still running into this issue and can’t stay signed in, you may be using an older version of the app. To fix the bug, all you need to do is update your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Easy! Here’s how.

Updating the JobNimbus 2.0 App for iOS on the Apple App Store

  1. Open the Apple App Store app and sign in if prompted to. Note: You could alternatively open the iTunes app, sign-in, and select Apps.
  2. Select Updates.
  3. In the list, find JobNimbus 2.0 and select Update.

Updating the JobNimbus 2.0 App for Android on Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and sign in if prompted to.
  2. Select Menu, then My Apps & Games.
  3. Select the JobNimbus 2.0 app.
  4. Select More, then check the Auto-update checkbox.

Once you complete these simple steps, you should be good to go!

Additional Help With Problems Logging In

If you aren’t using JobNimbus 2.0 and are instead using 1.0, please download our 2.0 app and use it going forward. Delete the old app after ensuring that everything has synced to your account.

Hopefully, the above steps help you stay signed into the JobNimbus app. If you find you’re still running into problems logging in or out, we are here to help! Please contact our support team if you continue having trouble staying signed into the app.

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