How Solar Project Management Software Keeps Businesses Innovative

Solar project management software helps businesses focus on innovation, sales, and success. In fact, as the solar industry continues to grow, the right solar project management software grows with you, helping you stay on the cutting edge.

Solar Project Management Software Features To Look For

The following list gives you an idea of what to focus on when choosing a solar project management software solution that will help you stay competitive.

1. Software As A Service (SaaS, Or Cloud)

SaaS software connects your team to each other as well as to the information needed to get jobs done right.

For example, arm your team with local industry codes and metrics such as utility rates or local incentives. When you load this information into a cloud-based tool like JobNimbus, your team members access the most current resources and information, whether they work in the office or at the job site.

Also, cloud-based software keeps you from hassling with updates or downtime. That kind of maintenance happens in the cloud, instead of in your office. The JobNimbus team handles everything so you can stay focused on what matters most: winning sales and helping customers.

What’s more, each time you access JobNimbus via desktop, mobile, or web browser, you will use our latest version. That means less bugs, better stability, usability improvements, and new features will be yours on a regular basis with no additional cost or work on your part.

2. Design-Centric

Solar projects focus on custom design solutions for each customer. Effectively communicating your design vision among your team, customers, and subcontractors is a must. With a solar project management software tool like JobNimbus, you can communicate system design more effectively with pictures, customer notes, and more.

For example, you can keep all your annotated visuals in JobNimbus to give customers an idea of wiring diagrams specific to their needs at a moments notice.

This is just one of many ways JobNimbus can help solar project teams “wow” customers.

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3. Estimates And Proposal Templates

Each of your customers is different when it comes to solar quotes. You need a tool that makes it simple to show them detail or just the highlights. To do this, you can customize templates for each purpose, making it simple to enter customer data on the fly to generate an accurate quote. You can do this from your main office or even in the mobile app.

It’s all based on the values you enter for supplies, labor, offers, and other amounts.

Also, you can attach data sheets, industry information, or pricing tables to add value to your quotes, right from your mobile device.

4. Financial Tools

JobNimbus is there when you need to crunch the numbers—again, helping you share the right information in the right way. Your team members always have the most updated information about rates, rebates, and other values you load. That means your customers get the right information the first time, which will help them close more deals and make you more money.

In addition, reporting tools can help your team understand the financial details of every job, including expenses, profit and loss, etc. Management can even specify which team members have access to each reporting feature.

5. Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Finally, sales force automation helps your solar sales team track everything that touches a project’s workflow, from supplies to customer relationship management (CRM). JobNimbus organizes every step, which means your team will be more likely to get it right, every time. Simplify how your business handles lead management, workflows, and much more.

Automation does not mean losing contact with your customers. JobNimbus goes beyond project management software by providing customer relationship management features. This means you will take better care of your customers. For example, consider how automating repetitive workflows frees up your best efforts for important tasks like problem-solving.

Why waste your best sales talent on menial, repetitive tasks, when you can automate those things to allow them to focus on the stuff that really requires their attention and special skills?

It’s just one example of how solar project management software can keep you from getting “stuck in the weeds” of your sales process.

Next Steps: Get Started Or Upgrade Your Solar Project Management Software

Not all solar project management software is the same. When it comes to staying nimble in an industry like solar, you need a comprehensive solution, like JobNimbus.

In addition, your solar project management software should work with you, and JobNimbus does just that. Our solutions work for solar businesses of all sizes. We’ll grow with you! Take a look at our demos and contact us with questions.

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