Scheduling Appointments with JobNimbus Roofing Solution

You can schedule appointments for yourself and others using tasks right from your JobNimbus CRM roofing solution. You can also use the JobNimbus calendar for easy scheduling and planning.

Using Tasks for Appointments

One easy way to schedule appointments in your CRM roofing app is to go to a customer’s profile and select the task tab. Under there is the option to add a task. When you click that, it will let you put in the task details.

Say that you’re going to schedule one of your sales reps to go out for an appointment. In your CRM roofing software, you can specify the Task Name, and select the Task Type, whether that be a phone call, meeting, or appointment. In your settings, you can add more tasks types to match what you want.

You can put in a description of specific details that you need your sales rep to know when they look at the task. Then, you can set the date and time. This is what’s going to put the task into the calendar and set up reminders for the person.

Next, you can assign the task to whichever rep in the field that you want or yourself. When a person gets assigned, JobNimbus will automatically send that person a notification. Whether that be an email notification or a push notification, it depends how the person wants to be notified. You can also relate the task to a contact. JobNimbus will automatically enter the customer that the task is tied to in this spot. However, you can always look up more customers and link them.

As soon as you hit “Add Task,” your CRM roofing solution will send out a notification. On your mobile device, you can choose to view the notification. This automatically takes you to the task in the JobNimbus mobile app. The task also goes into the customer’s task list in the web app. Task lists give you a better view of what’s overdue, due now, and upcoming. JobNimbus will even send a reminder to the sales rep on the day the appointment is due, so they don’t forget about it.

Using Calendar for Appointments

All the appointments you create will also go onto the sales rep’s calendar in your CRM roofing software. You can see a full shared calendar, with each of your team member’s appointments color-coded to easily see what’s assigned and when people are available. Show and hide different team members and view appointments in daily, weekly, or monthly views to quickly find what you’re looking for.

If you don’t see certain tasks appearing on your calendar, make sure you selected “Task,” “Phone Call,” “Meeting,” or “Appointment” task types under the Calendar section to see it. You also have the option to see completed tasks. By default, when a task is completed, it is hidden from the calendar. If you want to see them, you can click “Show Completed Tasks” to see already completed tasks. These show up in a grey color with checkmarks next to them. You can also turn on different contacts, jobs, and work and material orders.

Creating tasks and reminders for yourself in JobNimbus are helpful for ensuring you get things done. Again, those tasks will appear on your task list and calendar view in your mobile and web app. Additionally, your CRM roofing solution will send you a reminder when tasks are due so you never fall off schedule. For easy access to your appointments, download the JobNimbus mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today.

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