5 Types of Restoration Project Management Software You Need

If you’re the owner of a successful restoration company, then it’s time for you to look at what software you need to keep things operational at your business.

You might be thinking, “What do I need restoration project management software for?”

When you own and operate a restoration business, your job is to fix the disastrous impacts of fire, water, and other damage on buildings. Even though you’re in the business of fixing what’s broken, you want to prevent disaster from happening behind the scenes at your own company.

That’s where restoration software comes in to help you solve problems.

Still not convinced that you need to look into software for your business? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has a task ever slipped through the cracks at work?

  • Do you wish you had more time for your personal life?

The right software could make life easier for you and your team. It doesn’t matter if you just started a restoration company yesterday or have been in business for 20+ years—software can improve your work life.

In this article, we’ll outline what software you need for your business. Here are five software solutions that can improve day-to-day operations at your restoration business.

1. Accounting Software

If you’re going to manage a successful restoration business, you’re going to need to make money. And if you’re making money, you’ll need to manage those finances the right way.

Thankfully, accounting software like QuickBooks makes managing your business’s finances a pain-free experience. QuickBooks is designed to meet the accounting needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks offers a full suite of financial management services, such as:

  • Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Invoicing

  • Budgeting

Using a trusted accounting software like QuickBooks will make your work life less stressful, ensure you’re keeping track of finances, and even make filing your taxes easier.

2. Restoration Management Software for Contractors

A crucial piece of software your business needs is restoration management software. This software should be the centralized hub of your business. That’s a big job for any software, so choosing the best management software for your company is important.

Restoration management software for contractors takes all your business’s vital functions and organizes them into one place. Restoration has never been easier with the ability to automate tasks, track jobs, manage new leads, onboard new customers, store documents, and assign schedules.

The ideal restoration management software for contractors will also integrate with other software your business uses. The best software gives you a variety of integrations and provides a seamless user experience.

JobNimbus restoration management software is the top choice among contractors in the industry because it saves time and increases the profitability of your business.

Choosing a proven and reliable solution like JobNimbus gives you the confidence and security to focus on the important work: restoration.

Learn how to get the most out of your restoration job management software.

3. Internal Video and Messaging Program

Communication can make or break any team. It’s a key indicator of a team’s performance.

Thankfully in today’s day and age, people can use many channels of communication to stay in touch. However, it also comes as a double-edged sword. With texting, email, phone calls, and messaging platforms, it can be hard for professionals to keep everything straight between their work and personal life.

While having all those options is better than sending messages via carrier pigeons, it’s important to establish clear communication guidelines with your team. That’s why many teams opt to use a messaging platform to help keep things organized within their company.

For example, Slack and Microsoft Teams are popular choices for internal messaging software.

Both platforms have a free plan if you’re looking to save some money. They also have a video chatting feature, which is great for restoration companies with employees in the field.

4. Customer Review Software

As a business owner, you probably know that what customers think of your business is pretty important. But it can be hard to figure out exactly what customers think of your business and the service they received. That’s where a review software comes in.

Podium is a review software solution that helps you tailor the perfect customer experience. Their software lets you easily ask for a rating on platforms like Google and Facebook, so you get more reviews in no time.

5. Online Calendar

Let’s be honest. No matter how great your memory is, it’s impossible to remember everything on your plate. That’s why calendars exist.

While paper calendars are nice at home, your business needs an online calendar. You and your team can access an online calendar from anywhere. No more calls to the office when you’re in the field and trying to find when your next appointment is.

Give Your Restoration Company the Tools to Succeed

These five software solutions are designed to help your business operate smoothly and efficiently. What other types of software does your restoration company use? Let us know in the comments below.

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