Leveraging Project Management Software to Earn More

In our last blog post, we talked about how using a CRM can help close more leads. The reason to close more leads is obvious: more sales equals more revenue equals more profit. So, if a CRM can help you sell more, let’s talk about how project management software can help you earn more money too.

In 2009, the Economist Intelligence Unit stated from a survey, “90% of global senior executives and project management experts say good project management is key to delivering successful results and gaining a competitive edge.”

However, they followed this up by saying that “little more than a third believe they are very good at project management.”

A third? Only a third of those surveyed admitted to being at least competent in project management. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Great project management is hard to come by because it’s hard to do. Managing tasks and jobs can get overwhelming and held back by slow, antiquated processes that we still limp on to this day.

So how can we turn this ship around? It’s all about find the best project management software.

Managing Tasks, Jobs, Contacts, and Documents With Project Management Software

One of the hardest things about project management is juggling everything at once. And by juggling, I mean juggling. You’ve got new customers to track, old ones to remember, new jobs by the minute, tasks that aren’t getting done on time, documents that are back at the office while you’re out… it can become a mess.

But, what makes everything easier is when we can turn each new event or item into an actionable item that is assigned and ready to be worked on and marked as complete. Great project management software will help you take each new item and immediately and simply input it into the system and assign it to someone.

We’ve built this into each level of JobNimbus’ project management side to make this as easy as possible. Let’s say you get a phone call with a new lead. You can add the new lead and all their information immediately, and from the same page assign that lead to someone for follow up. Tasks, jobs, and documents can all be assigned as well right when you add them, making it that much easier to get things off your mind and into the workhorse machine to get done.

By making management easier on you, you’ll be saving time and energy on a daily basis; and we all know that time is money, which is what we’re all after in the business world.

Save Minutes, Save Time, Save Money

While saving time by automating project management, you can also save minutes on your phone bill. Think about it: all those phone calls you need to make in a day just to make sure everything is going according to plan, or to issue new jobs or orders, or to make connections or followups.

Each one of these tasks can be automated in project management software, which will save money on your phone bill and give you more time to work on tasks that actually build your revenue, instead of fighting to just get the status quo done.

Spend Less, Earn More

The fastest and easiest way to earn more is to spend less, right? Without even selling anything more, you can improve your overhead by just doing things better, faster, and easier. That’s what project management software is built for.

Project management software is built to automate and facilitate tasks that take time away from your day or cause unnecessary problems and setbacks. By turning each new item into an actionable one and assuring that the entire team is automatically on the same page thanks to cloud sharing, you’re already spending less and, therefore, earning more.

Now, couple your savings in project management software with the efficiency and closing power of a CRM and you’ve got a money making machine.

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