Lead Tracking With the JobNimbus App

You can track your leads and prospects right from your roofing software in JobNimbus. The JobNimbus mobile app makes lead tracking easy and offers many great benefits. You can easily add leads from the office, track the source of your leads, and assign those leads to a specific salesperson.

Since many salespeople are on-the-go, the JobNimbus mobile roof estimate app makes work convenient. It automatically sends a notification to your mobile device when leads are assigned. Knowing how to best track your leads can greatly impact you and your team’s productivity from wherever.

With that said, here are a couple of ways the JobNimbus roofing program is the best tool to track your leads:

Organize Your Contacts

The JobNimbus roofing software makes contact management easier by keeping all your currently assigned contacts all in one place. You can search for any customer to quickly look them up. Additionally, you can organize your contacts by filtering through different lists, such as Contact Type, Contact Status, Sales Rep, or Lead Source.

The Contact Type list lets you select the kind of customer you want to see. This includes existing customers, sub-contractors, partners, vendors, and more. The Contact Status list lets you select and see exactly which step your customers are at in the sales process. The Sales Rep list will let you select a salesperson on your team and find leads that are assigned to him or her. Finally, the Lead Source list will let you pick the type of source that contact found you from. Your company can customize each list depending on what you’re wanting to track for your customers.

You can also add a new customer to your contacts and assign them to a salesperson with just a few simple clicks. Not only can you easily find the contact you want, but you can also add estimates, notes, tasks, photos and documents to individual customer profiles. This allows you to organize specific details for each contact and access them right from the palm of your hand.

Optimize Marketing Activities

Make the most of your marketing efforts with the Lead Source Report in the JobNimbus app. After you’ve set up a lead source list in the roofing app, you can select where that lead came from when you add a new contact. To see how your leads are generating and which ones are performing best, you can look at the Lead Source Report in the mobile app.

The Lead Source Report collects data from your contacts and breaks down the leads. It considers the lead type per salesperson in a given period of time. In your roofing app, you will be able to see a chart of all your lead sources. It will also show you close percentages per each lead source. This information can help you decide which marketing efforts are most effective.

Tracking leads from your roofing estimating software can help you increase efficiency and identify sales performance. Again, the JobNimbus mobile app can help you better track your leads by organizing your contacts and optimizing marketing activities for you. You can access JobNimbus from the roofing app for both iOS and Android. Through the app, you can view, edit, add, and do everything you normally would online. Just download the app from the App Store. That way, you’ll have your leads, contact info, and other important data with you no matter where your job takes you.

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