JobNimbus Time-Saving Tips: Job Info Auto-Fill

When we built JobNimbus, we did it with the goal of saving you time.

Your CRM and project management software should be built to help you achieve a higher potential by allowing you to do more so with the less effort.

Today we’ll be looking at another way JobNimbus helps you save time by automating some of the things you’d normally have to do on your own.

Save Time With Job Info Auto-Fill

When you create a contact in JobNimbus, you input all of their contact information and workflow data.

You’ve already got their name, address, and other info set up so that you can track your lead or customer easier.

When the sale is closed and you’re ready to move on to the Job portion, you need to create a new job.

But, instead of adding in all the information you’ve already added from the Contact, JobNimbus will pull in the Job information right from the contact and workflow info automatically.

In order to do this, you need to create the new job from the Contact Details screen of the contact you’re doing the job for.

Use the action menu (crank icon) at the top right and select “Add Job”.

You’ll see the Add Job popup is automatically populated with the name and address info of the contact.

On top of this, the Sales Rep, Lead Source, Description, and Tags are carried over as well.

Of course, you can edit this information as necessary, as you might have a different Job naming structure or the job address might be different than the contact’s address on file.

But pulling in this information will help save you time and all the trouble of having to copy the information line by line from the contact record.

This way, you also save more brain power for the specific job details and the job tasks that come with it.

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