Into the Mind of Roofing Sales: Organization is Key

The long debated question of sales is whether successful sales is an art, or a science. Most folks when faced with the question will answer that it is a little of both.

The final answer will likely be debated hotly into the ages to come. There are, however, undisputed things that can help a roofing sales person, or any sales person for that matter, to be more successful.

Sales People Must Get Organized or Die Out

Whether a sales person is dialing for dollars, or walking the soles of their shoes off going door to door, there is one consistent need: for a sales person to get out and slay dragons, they need to be organized.

The strongest sales people will swear up and down that sales is not merely a transaction, but a process of building relationships. At a basic level, force feeding a customer can get results, but rarely the results that a professional sales person is looking for. To see true success, one of the most important things that one can do is to build a relationship with the customer.

There are methodologies that stretch from identifying things in their home or business that the sales person has in common, to consultative selling approaches. Each has its strengths, but the one thing that is common between all of the effective approaches, is to keep customer information organized.

It helps sales people to stay on top of their customer’s needs. Staying on top of those needs is one of the keys to building the effective relationships that helps to close the deal.

Roofing sales is a mixed bag

In the Midwest and Eastern U.S., there are storms that create opportunities for insurance sales. When a hailstorm strikes, hundreds of feet hit the ground to help homeowners get back to normal.

In the West, damaging storms are less abundant and most roofing sales have to do with restoration of worn out or leaky roofs, the occasional remodel, or new home construction. While the dynamic is different, the process has key elements that don’t change.

CRM for Organizing Your Roofing Sales

CRM systems in the past have been bulky and cumbersome. Most CRM systems on the market have a fantastic array of features. Indeed, many features… that many companies don’t even use.

While it makes for an impressive demo, it rarely leads to effective adoption of the product within the company. It results in ineffective reporting functions, confusion, and many times, outright refusal to use the system, rendering any reporting functions that may help a company with projections or performance utterly useless.

In roofing sales, or any sales, keeping a database of potential customers that is active, easy to navigate, and full of relevant information makes a sales person infinitely more effective.

Constant meaningful and productive contact will cement a relationship. The most effective way to ensure no one is left behind is by making sure to schedule your interactions. Scheduling should be simple; the interface should be free of clutter and lengthy process.

Regardless of whether a sales person is selling roofs, selling widgets, or selling services, the most basic and fundamental tool they can use to be successful is organizing contacts and interactions.

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