How To: Set Up Zapier for JobNimbus

Setting up Zapier for JobNimbus could be the best thing you do this week. Zapier opens up a universe of productive possibility, supercharging the power you already have in JobNimbus.

This article will guide you through a few key terms to understand, how to explore all Zapier has to offer, and a step-by-step guide for how to set up Zapier to work with your JobNimbus account.

Anatomy of a “Zap”

Before we go further, this is a good time to define a few key terms.

  • Zaps: Zapier calls its integrations Zaps, which are cause-and-effect relationships between two programs. Those Zaps consists of triggers and actions.
  • Triggers: The program feature or status that starts the chain of events; think of this as the “cause.”
  • Actions: The program feature that a trigger ignites; think of this as the “effect.”
  • Searches: A particular type of action that queries a database for information.

With these elements, you can customize how different programs work together. Pretty powerful!

Next Step: Start Exploring the Zapier Universe

The exciting thing about Zapier is how it opens up practically endless possibilities for you to customize JobNimbus automations. Thousands of companies integrate with Zapier, which makes it a hub for feature-sharing. You still get the power of the JobNimbus core, but if you want to reach out for a feature in another program, Zapier makes that happen.

We suggest these easy steps to find the right Zaps for you:

  1. Block off some time to take a look around Zapier and scroll through the Zap collection.
  2. Jot down those program relationships that interest you–and don’t be surprised if the list gets long! Zapier is such an empowering integration tool that the possibilities are likely to ignite your creativity and vision as a business owner. It is essential to zero in, however, so . . .
  3. Consider which web program integrations will be truly meaningful for your business and focus on those first.

Now that you have a better idea which automation you would like to begin with, you’ll need to set up Zapier for JobNimbus.

How to Set Up Zapier Integration in JobNimbus

The good news is, this integration is all ready to go in your JobNimbus account.

You’ll just need to create a Zapier account and switch the integration to “On”! Setup should be pretty straightforward, but it’s a good idea to set aside a few minutes for this.

Complete the following steps, and you’ll be on your way!

    1. Set up a free Zapier account and log in.
    2. You will need administrative access in JobNimbus to activate Zapier. Make sure you’re signed in to your JobNimbus account.
    3. Select Zap – Make a New Zap. In the Choose a Trigger box, search for JobNimbus, then select JobNimbus and select one of the choices (Contact, Job, or Activity). You can refine this later if you’re not sure which automation you’d like to set up first; we’ll have tutorials for each one. For now, choose Contacts and click Continue.
    4. In Zapier, select Connect an Account. On the screen that launches, select the small blue link “click here” for an API key. Copy this string of letters and numbers.
    5. In the screen that reads Allow Zapier to Connect to Your JobNimbus Account, paste the API key string, then click Continue.
    6. Finally, click the Test button. You should see it turn green, indicating success! If this doesn’t happen, try repeating the steps above. Click Save and Continue.

That’s it! Your JobNimbus account is now set up and ready for you to create Zaps.

In future posts, we’ll guide you through setting up individual Zaps, but you don’t have to wait. In the meantime, you can search Zapier’s blog or reach out to our support team for specific how-to’s or answers. We’ll help you chart your way, so you can leverage Zapier toward reaching your business goals.

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