How To: Upload Documents And Photos As Attachments

A key part of managing communications, relationships, projects, and business in general is managing all the documents and photos these things can generate.

Photos taken at a job site, brochures created in the office, contracts signed by the customer… all these files need to be kept close to a contact and/or job in order to be easily accessible down the road.

In JobNimbus, you can attach any file or photo to your contacts and jobs in just a couple clicks to keep everything in one place.

Uploading and Organizing Your Attachments

Contacts and Jobs both have their own Attachments sections. You can access, view, and upload documents and photos from the Attachments tab when looking at a Contact or Job.

Any type of document can be attached such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF documents. Photos and pictures can also be attached such as JPEG’s, PNG’s, and GIF’s.

All files attached in your JobNimbus account are automatically backed up and secured for you, making sure you never have to worry about losing them.

Adding an Attachment

Clicking on the Add Attachment button brings up a dialog where you can choose attachments to upload to JobNimbus.

Clicking the Browse button will allow you to choose files on your computer to upload.

When you click the Browse button, you are prompted to find files on your computer to upload.

Note: Hold down to select multiple files to upload at once. If using Mac, you can hold down to choose multiple specific files to upload. If using Windows, hold down to choose multiple specific files to upload.

Clicking the Choose button will start the process of uploading those files to JobNimbus.

Note: You can also drag and drop files into the space labeled drop files here to upload even faster.

Choose the File Type to easily categorize your attachments so they can be quickly found later.

Note: The File Type drop down is easily customized to add other files types you want to track and organize your files by. You can customize this particular drop down menu in the Settings > File Types tab.

The Description field allows you to enter a note about this specific file that can be later searched and provide additional information about the file that is attached.

Once your files are selected, a progress bar will appear showing the progress of the file upload. When they are ready to be saved, you will see a message prompting you that the files are uploaded.

Click the Save Attachment button to save the files to the Contact or Job that you’re attaching to.

Editing or Downloading an Attachment

Once a attachments have been added, hovering over an attachment will cause the Action Menu icon to appear (gear icon). Clicking that icon will provide options to download the attachment, edit the attachment, or delete it.

Note: The Delete option is only visible to Admin users.

Advanced Options

Clicking on the double chevron (<<) icon opens up advanced options.

In the advanced options, you can filter attachments to only show a specific type or search for specific attachments by file name or description.

Viewing Your Attachments

The bottom of the attachments grid gives you several options including the ability to move between pages, choosing how many attachments you see per page, and refresh (though the grid should automatically refresh itself as attachments are added or removed).

To paginate between the pages of your attachments, us the numbers and arrow icons:

To choose how many items to display per page, use the drop down selector. The amount you choose will carry over to every Attachments grid you come to.

If you don’t see an attachment that was recently added, try hitting the Refresh button to reload the list of attachments:


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