How to Not Run a Roofing Business

Running a roofing business is as much about what not to do as it is about what to do. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, here’s a quick check-up to make sure you’re not headed for some unnecessary pitfalls.

3 Things to Avoid in the Roofing Business

While there are many ways to create unnecessary problems in your business, I’ll point out just three: sloppy standards, misunderstanding one’s tools and materials, and time management problems. Incidentally, all three of these mistakes are shown in the following video, which I’ll refer to as I write about each point, so if you have time, it’s worth a watch!

Yikes! Avoiding these kinds of outcomes comes down to three problematic attitudes successful roofers need to avoid.

1) Sloppy Standards

Some roofers take advantage of what the customer can’t readily see unless they take a tour of their rooftop, which many won’t or can’t do. But just as the video points out, customers find out eventually, like when insecure shingles start flying off their roof! Think about what that did to this roofer’s reputation.

Even though the ethical problem here is reason enough to not do this, sloppiness also indicates a focus on the immediate or short-term benefit. Don’t be that short-sided! The more your team adopts a long-term mindset, the more they’ll avoid doing things that harm your business.

After all, a big part of business is staying in business, for the long haul!

2) Misunderstanding Your Tools or Materials

Or simply ignoring them! In the video, it shows how the sawtooth roof tiles were not used the right way, which negates any benefit those materials offer. That’s a big waste of money, resources, and opportunity–because the exposed gaps will cause problems in the future.

Even if your team isn’t doing anything as bad as this, do you suspect you might have similar problems going on? I found myself wondering why no one’s supervisor inspected this work as part of the job workflow!

If you do find that your employees aren’t using resources correctly, a couple things could be going on. Maybe your employees are just willfully misusing materials; that’s a hiring and performance problem. But it could also be a training problem. Some roofers make the mistake of assuming their employees know what they want from them, or how they expect things to be done.

3) Poor Time Management

Sometimes, patching a solution together with what you’ve got makes sense. We’ve all been there! But when it comes to the work you do for a customer, this is no way to do business.

If cutting corners is a recurring problem for your team, it could be a time management problem. The best thing you can do is take a step back, identify why your employees feel pressure to take shortcuts, and overhaul your processes. Better time management comes down to systems and troubleshooting where inefficiencies are slowing your team down. Otherwise, they may keep running into situations in which they’re tempted to cut corners at the job site.

Engage Your Mindset With the Right Toolset

The right mindset comes to action through the right systems, tools, and ideas. You’re probably already doing a lot of things right. If you’re looking for additional traction–that one decision that will pack the biggest punch possible–you should take a look or re-look at your roofing software.

JobNimbus can help provide a whole bunch of resources to help your roofing business excel. Here’s a quick grab bag of possibilities to give you an idea of what we’re talking about for your business:

  • Accountability: Use visual workflows called boards to keep an eye on job or customer status updates. Because JobNimbus is cloud-integrated, everyone stays on the same page, whether working on desktop or mobile.
  • Organization: You need a full-featured CRM and project management tool to keep all the details straight. Plus, JobNimbus is a great tool for going paperless.
  • Photo Evidence: Proper inspections make a huge difference, and protecting yourself with photos is a no-brainer. Our integration with CompanyCam makes it easy to snap pictures with your mobile phone, then attach them to a customer record, annotate the image, and more.
  • Automated Reviews: Since you’ll be doing all this quality work, why not get a bit more leverage from it? JobNimbus makes it easy to automatically ask customers for reviews.

And, once you get those reviews, all the many other features JobNimbus packs will help you make sure they are 5-star reviews because you will be more productive than you’ve ever been.

Bottom line: we want you to find success in 2018 and beyond! Jump in with our free 14-day trial today.

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