How To: Get Reminders After Certain Events

A good portion of JobNimbus users have wondered, “how can [I] get notified a week after a sales presentation in order to follow up?”

This is extremely helpful and doesn’t just have to come after a sales presentation. You could want a reminder at the time of an event or some period of time afterwards for just about any kind of follow up.

In JobNimbus, you can take advantage of Automation in order to set up rules to trigger automatic task and notification creation in order to follow up more efficiently with contacts.

Using Automation to Get Reminders

Types & Statuses

Automation is based on types and statuses, be they for contacts or jobs. You can set up triggers using types and statuses, so a useful first step is to make sure you have these items set up just like you want them.

In Account Settings (mouse over your name at the top right and select from the drop-down menu), you can set up statuses for each contact type in JobNimbus. The tab Contact Types & Statuses will allow you to control types and statuses for contacts.

For this tutorial purpose, let’s assume the first example: you want to follow up with a contact 1 week after a sales presentation.

You could create a status called “Presented“, for instance, in either the default workflow or in your own unique workflow, and then you’d be able to set a contact to this status every time you’ve completed a sales presentation.

Automation Rules

Then you’ll need to go to the Automation tab where you can create a new automation rule with that status.

Setting up automation is actually very simple and linear. First, click + Add Rule.

Then name your rule (ex. Sales Presentation Follow Up) and choose “When a Contact is…

and choose “…created or modified.” That means this rule is for whenever you create or edit a contact.

Then click + Add Condition.

For this condition, you’ll want to set it to say “If Status is equal to Presented“. That means the trigger for this rule will be whenever you set a contact to the status of Presented.

Then save that condition. Then click + Add Action.

The default action is to create a task, but you can also use this to send notifications. Currently, we don’t support delays on notifications, so in order to be notified one week later, we’ll set a task to be created instead.

Add the details of your task including name, description, priority, etc.

For Start/Due Date, fill the space in with “1” and choose “Weeks” from the dropdown menu. You can set a duration if desired.

Then just set yourself as the owner. (or any other team member)

And be sure to select the box for “Maintain related contacts and jobs” as this makes it easier for you to see who to contact. Then click Save.

Now you have your workflow rule ready. Just click Save on the rule and you’re done.

Now that you’ve seen this rule, what other kind of rules can you think of that would be great for your workflow?

Feel free to hang around the Automation tab and just experiment, see what you can cut out of your busy work and what you might be able to make even better.

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