How To: Delete Multiple Records At Once

In the hustle and bustle of your day, having the ability to create a lot of different contacts, tasks, and more give you freedom to get everything done.

But every once in a while, there might be a time when you’ve ended up with more records than you know what to do with.

Whether it’s a mistake you made while importing new contacts, or it’s an automation rule gone wrong, the ability to erase the extra data and start with a clean slate is sometimes necessary.

You might even need to bulk delete all or some of your contacts, jobs, tasks, documents, or other records.

We have just the feature for you.

Warning: We strongly suggest you only use this feature in extreme circumstances. When deleting multiple records, there is always a chance for accidents to occur. Use extreme caution to assure that no records are deleted unintentionally.

Without proper caution in hand, here’s how to delete multiple records at the same time.

How To Bulk Delete Records In JobNimbus

The bulk delete feature is accessible from any custom report. Since you can create reports for everything in JobNimbus, you’re able to bulk delete any record type, including contact, job, task, estimate, and more.

Create A Custom Report

First thing to do is go to the Reports section from the button on the left side of JobNimbus.

Once in the Reports section, use the action menu next to My Saved Reports to see the list of reports you can create. Choose the report for the type of record that you would like to delete.

In this example, we’ll create a Task report to delete a few tasks that were accidentally created today.

Filter Your Report

Next order of business is to add filters to the report in order to narrow down which records you’d like to delete and sift out the ones you want to keep.

Note: You might be needing to delete all your contacts after a mistake in the import contacts process. If that’s the case and you don’t have any contacts you want to keep, you can go ahead to the next step (Save Your Report) without adding filters.

To add filters, put your mouse over the “Add Filter” button at the top. You’ll see a drop down menu appear with a list of all available filters to you.

You can use any one of these filters, or a combination of several, in order to narrow down your report.

We highly suggest you use as many filters as possible to make sure that you’re only deleting the records that you really mean to delete.

A few good filters to add are:

Date Created

If you know the affected items were created on or around a certain date, you can filter the date range to just include that time.

Assigned To

If your items have a similar assignee, add a filter for that assignee to filter out any other items that are assigned to other team members.


If the items you’re deleting all have a similar title or part of a title, this is a great filter for you. Just add in the text that matches these items without matching others and save your filter.

You’ll see I’ve used 4 different filters to make sure I’ve narrowed down my report to get exactly the tasks that I want to delete.

Make sure to double check every page of your report to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Save Your Report

Once you’ve filtered your report, it’s time to save it. To do that, just hit the “Save” button at the top right of the report builder.

After saving, you’ll see your finished report loaded on the page.

Bulk Edit (Delete)

Now that you’ve saved your filtered report, you’re ready to do the bulk delete. Put your mouse over the report and use the action menu to choose “Bulk Edit”.

You’ll get a confirmation button before the deletion actually occurs. Click this button if you’re absolutely certain that you wish to delete these records.

Then you’ll get another popup warning just to be perfectly sure that you want to delete these records. As you can see, we’re very serious about protecting your data.

You’ll see that the process has started in the background. While you won’t see the records disappear immediately, they will be deleted in order.

If you hit the refresh button on the report, you’ll see the number of records displayed decreasing until they reach zero, like this:


In extreme need, bulk delete can save you a lot of clicking and a ton of time. Be sure to use this feature with the utmost care to keep your data clean going forward.

If you need help deleting records from JobNimbus, contact us at at any time.

Ready to delete those records?

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