How To: Add More Contact Info To Your Estimates

Estimates in JobNimbus automatically include merge tags that are populated with important information about the related job and contact for which you generate the estimate (or invoice).

But sometimes you want to add a little bit more information, like a contact phone number or email address to have an easy reference when you print the document.

Here’s what you need to do to add more contact info to your estimates (or invoices).

Adding things like a contact’s Phone Number or Email Address to your estimates is actually really easy.

First you’ll need to go to your Account Settings from your name at the top right.

Then click on the Templates tab on the bottom row.

You’ll see you have one Estimate template. Click “Edit” to the right of that estimate template.

Scroll down to the estimate preview and you’ll see the contact information template at the top right.

Just put your mouse over that “Contact:” portion and click on it to start editing.

You’ll see that it already has some merge tags there that are replaced when you generate the estimate. We just want to add a couple more, so make sure you’re on a new line at the bottom and put your mouse over the Insert Template Field button.

In this dropdown menu, find the Contact option and then choose whichever field you’d like to add, whether it be Home Phone, Address, or Email.

Once you choose one, you’ll see it’s merge tag now added into the editor.

To add another one, just hit Enter to start another new line and choose from the same list to add another tag.

Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the editor to save this section. Then, click “Save Template” back up to the top portion of the Template Editor.

Then you’re all done! Now, every time you use this estimate template from a contact or job, the details will be filled in automatically.

You can add more tags, remove any that you don’t want, or edit the tags on the other sections and templates. You can also edit other templates like the Invoice templates in order to add in this info there.

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