How To: Add Forms To Your Documents

In JobNimbus, you have free reign to create templates of your documents. You can even edit the individual documents from a template before creating them for a customer.

One of the coolest things you can add to a template is a form with questions that automatically add answers right into the document without having to fiddle around with where the answer needs to be placed.

Here’s how to add a form with questions to your templates

Creating a form

First thing you’ll want to do is create the form with the questions that you want to add to a document.

Use your name at the top right and head to Settings.

Then select the tab for Forms.

Once inside, click the button to Add Form.

Give your form a name and hit Add Form to create.

Use the action menu (gear icon) on the new form listing to select Manage Questions.

Then click Add Question.

Enter your question and then choose the type.

You can add the following types:

After you’ve finished this question, click Add Question and you’ll see it on the list for this form. You have the option to hide this question, edit it, or add another one. For this demonstration, we’ll just use this one question.

Create/Edit your document template

Now you’ll want to create or edit an existing document template. Head over to the Templates tab in Settings.

If you’re creating a new document template, use the Add Template button at the top right to choose Document. If you’re editing an existing document template, find the template on the list and use the Edit button.

Make sure your document has a name. For adding a form, you don’t need anything else, but you can add whatever you’d like to this document in terms of content, imagery, formatting, or other built-in sections (signature, estimates, etc).

For this example, we’ll just add the form question we created.

To do that, put your cursor where you’d like this form question’s answer to appear and use the Insert Template Field dropdown and find the option for Form Questions.

Find your question in the list. In this case, we only have one question so we’ll choose that one.

You will now see a variable placed into the document where you previously placed your cursor. The variable looks a little something like this:

If you actually want the question from the form to show up, just write it next to the question like this:

You can customize your document however you’d like beyond this. Once you’re ready, just hit Add Template at the bottom.

You’ll now see your new document template on the list of templates available to choose from.

Create a document that includes the form

To test out your new document + form, head over to a contact or job and use the action menu (gear icon) to select Create Document.

One the document creator, use the dropdown to select the template you just created.

You’ll now see the editor update to show you your template text, but you’ll also see a new section above the editor for Forms. Here, you can put the answers to the questions you propose.

If your question is a date, you get a nice calendar picker to quickly select the date you’d like to include.

Once you’ve answered all of your questions, you’re ready to generate the document. Hit Save Document.

Now you’ll see your variables have been automatically replaced by the answers you provided and your document is ready to go.

You can add any question you’d like and as many as you’d like to your documents so your crews can get answers in the field and add those directly to documents. You can even have signature lines at the bottom to get them signed if you’d like.


Adding forms to your documents gives you a really easy way to update document areas of your documents on the fly, in the field, and on the mobile app.

If you need help adding form questions to your documents, contact us at at any time.

Ready to add your forms?

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