How Technology Has Changed The Roofing Industry

How did we ever run a company without pneumatic nailers, mobile phones, or computers?

“When I was young…” often is the beginning of a long conversation with someone that remembers the “good old days.” They will talk of how craftsmen ruled the construction world, and how hand saws and hammers were the way to do things.

Times have changed, but craftsmen (and women) have not. They still take pride in their work, they just use things afforded by technology to build and create more efficiently.

Not only have tools changed, but products as well.

Roofing technology has moved us beyond torch-down, hot tar, and 3-tab shingles.

In many parts of the country, the old standards like cedar aren’t even an option.

And technology has also proven some things that were exciting at the time were actually less than stellar (think asbestos and T-lock shingles).

Synthetic underlayments, liquid sealants, stainless nails, and all the latest products paraded at trade shows are proof that technological advances in other areas have reached out to trades, like roofing, and have made significant changes.

With the ability to install better products in a more timely manner, technology comes into play at an even more important level. Using it to keep better organized brings even more revenue and savings to your company.

One of the great benefits of this new era of technology is growth.

But it’s also double-edged, because if you grow your company too fast, you risk overwhelming your revenue. If you lose track of jobs because you are overwhelmed by volume, it can not only cost money, but reputation.

Now, that’s actually a great problem to have in the era or roofing software, where you’re able to scale faster, effectively manage more jobs at the same time, and do it all in one place from anywhere you need to be.

In much the same way that installation and understanding product is a bit of an art, so is running a business effectively.

Technology has taken us beyond white boards and file folders. It now allows for a smaller, more mobile office. Customers can now be added into your CRM, where you can report and assign out tasks (that means no more lost jobs).

Insurance work can be put right into programs like Xactimate on site and you can have full reports in no time flat.

Systematic inspections mean better presentations for the homeowner and for insurance companies.

Using technology not only saves time, but it puts more money in your pocket.

Technology isn’t just a novelty anymore, and it has changed the roofing industry for the better.

It is essential for communication. Embracing the changes it has brought to the roofing industry will make you a more efficient craftsman of a new age.

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