6 Helpful Tips for Commercial Roofing Project Management

A few helpful tips for commercial roofing project management could improve your bottom line. After all, effective commercial roofing project management means focusing time and effort where it counts most.

Easier said than done, right? If you’re like most of us, project management strategy can get lost when schedules get busy. If this sounds all-too-familiar, it may be time for a quick “big-picture” tune-up!

Helpful Tips for Commercial Roofing Project Management

To help you and your team stay on-point, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for commercial roofing project management.

1. People First

Project management is really just people management. Sometimes tasks can distract us from this fundamental point. Tasks only matter because people matter. Keep everything about your commercial roofing project management focused on the customers you serve. Similarly, remember that your team drives your success.

Project Management Tool Tip: Look for a tool that makes customer care and team management intuitive. JobNimbus is a customer relationship software (CMS) tool as well as a project management tool. Think of it as a solution that helps you build your roofing business around what matters most: people!

2. Quality Control

Because customers are so important, commercial roofing project managers must ensure that their team delivers quality products and services, consistently. Doing it right the first time means fewer headaches and fixes!

Project Management Tool Tip: Leverage a project management solution that makes it easy to create quality control workflows, checklists, and other accountability tools. In addition to boards and other workflow features, JobNimbus offers industry-leading task management features such as multiple task owners, email notifications, and calendar-based tracking.

3. Automation

Chances are you’re pretty good at balancing many to-do’s, but you can’t handle everything long-term. As your commercial roofing company continues to grow, consider systemizing tasks you do often. Even better, consider automating repetitive tasks. That way, you can focus on high-level decisions rather than wearing yourself out!

Project Management Tool Tip: Automation doesn’t have to be a huge headache. Look for simple, top-rated tools to help you systemize your customer relationship management and project management tasks. Customizable automation, like JobNimbus offers, can save you time and money. The technology is available—use it!

4. Speed and Reliability

In addition, project managers need to make decisions based on reliable information, and that comes down to effective reporting. Otherwise, when information isn’t readily available, decision-making turns into a back-and-forth bottleneck. As you have likely experienced, that makes everything more difficult.

Project Management Tool Tip: A commercial roofing project management software solution should make it easy to monitor, track, and report critical information. JobNimbus empowers you to move forward with confidence. Thanks to features like the custom dashboard, you can quickly access the numbers and data you use most. No more hunting through menus or taking a long time to generate reports! What you need is right there as soon as you log in.

5. Document Management

Your business workflow may generate an unruly paper trail. When documents and records become difficult to manage between the field and office, everything feels “off”. Even worse, it’s probably detracting from your bottom line.

Project Management Tool Tip: Savvy project managers understand the need for document management. You don’t have to go completely paperless to benefit from digital document organization. Look for a project management software solution that makes it simple to go from paper to digital. JobNimbus has you covered on the go or in the office, with one-step storage for photos, contracts, documents–you name it!

6. Simplicity

Projects can get out of hand if managers aren’t keeping them in check. As you probably already know, the more a project manager can simplify for their team, the better their business will run. This means the tools you choose to stick with better be powerhouse solutions.

Project Management Tool Tip: Your team already has a lot going on, so why not simplify? Your best tool for commercial roofing project management should be a hub for everything your team does. Similarly, it should also integrate with other services you use. For example, JobNimbus integrates with QuickBooks, CompanyCam, and other services you may already use.

JobNimbus: A Comprehensive Project Management Solution

Finally, when it comes to commercial roofing project management, there’s always going to be more work to do than time to do it in. This is why project management software is so important. After all, why not make the most of your time and effort using the right tool for the job?

It’s about working smarter—not harder. Accordingly, JobNimbus offers commercial roofing project managers features that go far beyond this list of helpful tips for commercial roofing project management. Check out our demo, join our newsletter, or reach out to us for more information today.

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