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Find Landscaping Software That Helps Your Business Thrive

You’ll find a lot of landscape design tools to choose from out there, but the trick is finding landscaping software that actually helps you manage your business.

Getting your landscaping software right isn’t unlike planning for a complex commercial landscaping project. Without a cohesive landscaping software tool, you may be nurturing business practices that don’t grow well together.

It’s all too common to use different products for team communication, customer relationship management, project management, reporting, and other to-do’s. But is that kind of hodge-podge approach driving positive results for your bottom line? Are you making gains in one area only to have them brought down by another?

How JobNimbus Helps You Create a Productivity Ecosystem

We’re in the business of helping businesses like yours not only survive but flourish. With one elegant tool, we’ll help you design, plant, grow, and shape your current operation into a productivity ecosystem that supports the landscape business of your dreams! Here’s a quick summary of how JobNimbus can help.


When you design a landscape project, you find out what the client needs then you find a way to do it with the tools and vegetation you have available to you. So ask yourself, have you done the same thing when it comes to your business workflows?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook these considerations. Even successful businesses hamstring growth by not articulating what should happen when.

To find greater growth, it makes sense to intentionally design a process for every major part of your landscaping business. With JobNimbus, landscape professionals can map out pipelines for sales, crew labor, billing, and other business areas. That way, every customer receives the same thorough, efficient care. Landscape excellence by design!

Once your plan is in place, JobNimbus makes it easy to follow through with user-friendly features, such as Boards, which allow managers and team members to view where different customers or jobs are in those pipelines.


Team communication works the same way. With JobNimbus, everyone in your office and across your job sites connects through the same cloud-based solution, meaning everyone is in sync.

The JobNimbus mobile app handles all of it.

JobNimbus on a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

So go ahead, use those green thumbs on your smartphones or tablets to get stuff done in the field. This can be the best time to connect with customers: design custom forms, process paperwork, get signatures, take payments, capture images and make annotations, email team members, and so much more.

By making sure everyone’s efforts are rooted in the same system, your landscape business can grow to its full potential.


As a landscape professional, you love helping things grow. We know the feeling—we’ve been helping businesses amplify their growth cycles for years. That means we understand that business is different at each growth stage.

JobNimbus is completely scalable, meaning, you can leverage our tool when you’re first starting out, then stick with it as your team, customer base, and responsibilities expand. We do this by offering the same product to everyone. By default, advanced features are switched off, but they are ready for action as soon as you are.

In other words, we help you future-proof your systems.


Over time, you’ll weed, prune, and manicure your business. We designed JobNimbus with customization at its heart for that very reason.

As just one example, our reporting tools keep you connected to your organization’s health—the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that might be lurking, even when your business looks green and healthy on the surface. We can give you the custom control you’ll need to effectively gather information, analyze trends, and move forward with decision-making. You can even designate which reports appear front and center as soon as you log in.

You can also see crucial information in custom views. For instance, managers can access real-time statuses on customer or job workflows through our visual Boards view. With straightforward drag-and-drop functionality, each card can be moved through columns representing your various processes.

The Board view of JobNimbus

Since JobNimbus users access our cloud-based solutions from mobile or the web, when your team looks at a board, they’ll see what everyone else sees— and each team member’s permission level keeps them only seeing the stuff assigned to them.

Start Thriving Today with Landscaping Software That Works

You’re in the business of beautifying and adding value to your customers’ commercial or personal properties. Let landscape software nurture your business.

How does that sound for a change?

Give us a chance, and we’ll help you get to more landscape customers more effectively while having less stress as you’re doing it. Everyone wins! Check out our free trial today.

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  1. To learn about the features and benefits of software that helps landscaping businesses thrive was intriguing. What features are considered essential in landscaping software for business success?

    1. Hey, Greg! That’s an interesting question. Some essential features for a landscape software arecustomer relationship management (CRM), mobile capabilities, project management, and integrations to the other software platforms you already use. 3D modeling and irrigation tracking aren’t required, but they are nice to have! Thanks for reading.

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