How To: Documents in JobNimbus Roofing Software

JobNimbus software is perfect for roofing business owners due to its straightforward ability to scan and attach documents. Documents and files can be attached directly into the JobNimbus mobile app. If you receive an email with an attachment, you can simply tap on the attachment and use the option to attach that document to your customer in JobNimbus. You can also use any scanner app on your mobile device to scan in documents and attach them to customers in JobNimbus.

Attaching Documents

As roofing business owners, you receive a lot of attachments. Let’s say that you get an email with an attachment you want to upload into JobNimbus. If you tap on the attachment, it lets you view it. On the iPhone or iPad roofing software app, you’ll see a square box with an up-arrow in the top right corner. If you’re on your Android, there’s a different looking option. By clicking on it, it will allow you to choose which program you’d like to put the file into. You can select the JobNimbus app to open the file in.

After you’ve tapped on it, your phone will take you to a screen in the JobNimbus app that asks you what you want to attach the file to. You can choose either a Contact or a Job. If you choose a Contact, you can pick from your list of customers which specific customer to put the attachment to. You will also see that there is a File Name, Category, and Description. Adding a description and category is optional.

After you’ve hit save, the file is officially attached to your contact. This makes attaching files from your phone easier because you don’t have to download the attachment and manually import them into your desktop. JobNimbus lets you do it all from your mobile app. To double-check, you can go into the contact that you attached the file to, scroll down to “Related.” Underneath you’ll see your Attachments. If you click on that, you’ll be able to view your most recently uploaded attachment at the top.

Scanning Documents

Roofing business owners are also required to scan dozens of documents. JobNimbus makes this easy with the mobile roofing software. You can use virtually any scanner app on your mobile device to scan in documents and attach them to a customer in JobNimbus. We recommend using the app TurboScan, but there are also plenty of other free options available. As you use your scanner app to take a photo of your document, try to keep the document as straight and flat as possible.

Once you’ve snapped a photo, you can adjust and crop it to fit the frame or add multiple other photos in separate pages. You’ll want to look out for the same square box with an up-arrow icon (in iPhone, Android is a little different) in your scanner app. This will let you choose the option to “Open PDF in…” which you would then pick the JobNimbus app as the program you want to open the document in. JobNimbus will automatically remember the last customer you attached something to, but if you want you can choose a different contact to upload the document to.

Additional Features

All attachments are automatically synced and uploaded into the JobNimbus web app since it’s stored in your cloud storage. JobNimbus makes great software for roofing business owners because it backs up everything for you. That way, you never have to worry about losing those important documents.

You can also upload additional documents & photos and see full previews of them with just a click. Scanning and attaching files straight from your phone software is easy, fast, and convenient, especially for roofing business owners. Everything can be easily accessed and shared with others. The JobNimbus app also helps keep your work organized and accurate. To learn more, be sure to watch our demo here!

If you have any questions about scanning and attaching documents in the JobNimbus app, please reach out to

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