Custom CRM Software: When Out-of-the-Box Just Isn’t Enough

Most CRM software is what you might call a “boxed solution”. What you see is what you get; whatever else you need means you’re on your own.

But sometimes, out-of-the-box solutions just don’t quite do everything you need. Sometimes you need a custom CRM software solution that is built just for you.

There are some solutions available, so let’s take a look…

What Does Custom CRM Software Look Like? Do?

In general, custom CRM software starts with a company’s search for a CRM that can do all the intricate things they normally do. Looking left and right, they might decide that the best (or only) solution for them is a custom software solution.

That’s where software designers and programers can work with you to learn your processes and try to find the best way to build them in a new software. This process is usually long, expensive, and rocky to begin with, given the new software limitations (a brand new custom software built from scratch is bound to have bugs and other unanticipated issues).

Because of this, custom CRM software is usually reserved for the big guys: larger enterprise customers willing and able to make a larger investment.

The look and feel of these software systems can vary greatly, and nothing assures that it will be the perfect software for your needs in the end, which still makes getting custom CRM software a risky business.

Building a Custom CRM Solution with JobNimbus

At JobNimbus, we take a different approach. Instead of building the whole thing from scratch, we take our proven JobNimbus Core technology (simplicity, speed, security) and build up from that foundation. This Core, along with our pre-built modules, provide the first two major portions any company would need in a custom solution.

Our process has many benefits:

  • Lower Cost – By using a system that is already 66% pre-built, you cut 66% of the cost right off the top.
  • Faster Result – Having 2/3 of the software ready and usable, you’re already miles ahead in the development process.
  • More Stable – Building on top of a tested and proven software foundation is the best and fastest way to achieve a stable, dependable solution
  • Less Risk – JobNimbus is alive and palpable. It’s Core and modules are already proven, allowing you to relax knowing the software will turn out just like you ordered.

Benefits of a Custom CRM Software Solution

The major benefit of a custom solution is obvious: custom features for custom problems and custom reasons. Every business is different. Every market has certain needs, every niche has different wants, every company does things just a bit different (sometimes a lot different). Just as installing a light bulb is never a one-size-fits-all deal, so is CRM in business.

With custom CRM software, you’ll be able to adjust the playing field to your rules and setting. You’ll always have the home-team advantage because your processes were the ones calling the design shots.

Your process, your rules, your CRM. That’s the idea and that’s the best way to achieve maximum efficiency in sales and customer relationship management.

Learning More About Custom CRM Software

If you’re interested in learning more about custom CRM software, and especially if you are looking for a custom solution for your CRM needs: give us a call (855-9NIMBUS). We’ll walk you through the challenges and benefits and help you find the best solution for you.

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