15 Simple Built-in Reports Every Contractor Needs in Their CRM

Last month, we introduced a new blog series to help customers get the most out of reports and metrics in JobNimbus, and this is the next article in that series. We’ll take you through 15 essential, ready-made reports for contractors, which are also the reports we recommend to those who do not use our CRM and project management software (yet!).

Not a customer but want to give it a try? Get the 14-day free trial here. In this article, we’ll show you which ready-made reports JobNimbus offers, as well as the general approach for creating your own custom reports. Then, we’ll link you to other articles that detail how to generate each of the additional custom reports for contractors we recommend. So let’s get started!

Understanding Our Built-in Reports

By default, JobNimbus features Built-in Reports that are pretty much ready to go. Just click to run the report, and you’re done.

You can find these ready-made reports by selecting Reports then looking under the Built-in Reports column. We’ve placed these two reports here because they are fundamental to most contractors running a business: Sales Pipeline and Lead Source.

Pipeline Report

Get a bird’s-eye view of your workflows.

Lead Source Report

Understand which sources drive results

List of Ready-to-Go Custom Reports for Contractors

When you decide to branch out, JobNimbus helps you there as well by offering a drop-down menu of popular custom solutions. We feel you’ll want eyes on these numbers to help you take your game to the next level. If your CRM or project management tool doesn’t offer these metrics, you are missing key data to help you succeed!

In JobNimbus, find these ready-made templates or Custom Reports by clicking Reports then looking under the My Saved Reports column. From there, you’ll see an icon with three dots also known as an ellipsis (…). That drop-down menu reveals find several ready-made report options, which are shown below.

NOTE: Some of these are included in the recommended reports we’ll cover in detail in this blog series, while others are adapted or further customized from these:

Task Report

Get the big picture on the to-do’s in your team’s workflow.

Job Report

Make better decisions about your team’s current jobs, and more.

Contact Report

Understand your team’s interactions with customers over a certain time period.

Activity Report

View employees’ actions for a period of time, or when working with a specific customer.

Estimate Report

Review the estimates your team members have delivered to customers.

Work Order Report

Check out the work orders your team members have created for customers.

Budget Report

Take your company’s financial temperature. Understand income and spending.

Commission Report

Track and tally your sales team’s commissions for a given period.

Invoice Report

Review the invoices your business needs to pay to vendors or subcontractors.

Payment Report

Understand your team’s payment status and more.

The thing to remember is, because JobNimbus offers you the power of both a CRM and a project management tool, these ready-made Custom Reports are just launching-off points. If you’d like to, you can create several different reports based on each report type, then save them as your own unique Custom Reports.

Bonus: Make Your Reports “Live”!

We’ll go over this again along the way, but please know that once you create a Custom Report in JobNimbus, you can save it to become a Live Report, which means it becomes dynamic (always showing the latest updated information). This Live Reports article shows you how to do that, and also how to dock certain reports on your JobNimbus dashboard. That way, they are the first thing you see when you log in. Again, you don’t need to do this now, as we are still just giving you an overview of the possibilities.

See It in Action

To reinforce what we’ve gone over in this overview of built-in and custom reports for contractors, here’s a visual video overview of JobNimbus reports. Don’t worry too much about the details because we’ll go over them later, but take a look now because it gives you a taste for how you can rearrange columns, specify parameters for filtering your data, or even make calculations. Also, please note that the user interface has updated slightly since this video, so instead of a gear icon in the upper right, you’ll see the ellipsis (•••) icon.

Next Up in This Article Sequence

So there you have it: Custom Reports 101 for Contractors! As mentioned, when you’re ready, your next step in this article sequence is to consider the following reports. Our team suggests these as key metrics you shouldn’t do without. Coming Soon! We’ll add a list of additional articles in this series as they become available. And again, if you’re not yet a JobNimbus customer and want to take it for a spin . .

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JobNimbus Customers: Additional Customization Options

Also keep in mind that some companies benefit from additional custom solutions in JobNimbus, for reports and other aspects of your contractor business. To find out more about how our world-class training might be right for you and your team, click below.

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